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English prezi

the similarity's and difference between the two poems my mothers coat and night of the scorpion

Emma Hutsby

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of English prezi

Night of the scorpion My Mothers Coat Similarities Both mothers in the Poems care alot about their children. We see this from the language used in the poem. In My Mothers coat By: Ta'I George We see a very ever changing Mother daugther relationship.

In this Poem we also see there relationship as the daughter grows with age. The Poem is wrote on a nostalga mood. (Nostalga means to look back on your past or childhood). As the daughter gets older she finds her mother a very awkward and annoying person. The poem is Wrote as if her Mother a coat. She Writes Quote "The colours were loud Shouting for attention and space". I feel this line shows how her motehr was not afraid to stand and embarrasse her daughter.

This Poem is set in a more modern pracific community. We can tell it is pracific from the forgein language used in the poem. Quote "Marking her out in a papaa crowd, But blendinging beautifully at every putuputuanga.

Both of these peoms are written form a childs perspective My Mothers Coat "My mother said Thank God the scorpion picked on me and spared my children" I feel this qoute shows how the mothers are so caring for their chiildren willing to put themselfs in pain before others. I think also that the image shows how the mother will potect and graud her child . "As a Child I felt Protected
and warm, Wrapper in my mother's coat" I feel this quote shows how the
poem is written from a childs prespective.
The image to shows the strong hold a motehr and child have. In Night of the scorpion By: Nissim Ezekiel we see a very different veiw on mother and child relationships.

The mood is very scary and hectic as the mother in teh poem has been stung by a scorpion and is been poked and fushed at with different methods from the villager's.

This poem is set in India and is set in a more ppoverty set background. The time is less modern because it tells of a village holy man who trys a method on his mother. People on our sommunity dont have these as we usually see a doctor in these situations. By: Emma HUtsby
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