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Three is the magic number

Presentation for the Association New Media Summit, June 2010

Maddie Grant

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of Three is the magic number

3 Is the Magic Number:
Ideas for framing your
social media strategy 3 is the magic number... Lindy Dreyer
Maddie Grant, CAE

www.socialfish.org Agenda for today 8:35 - Online Learning and Social Media

9:35 - Innovating Your Association's Business Model for the Mobile Era

10:45 - Panel of Experts

11:55 - Lunch

1:25 - Round Table Discussions

2:40 - What did we learn / What can we do tomorrow? 3 levels of engagement 3 types of environments 3 types of audiences 3 kinds of challenges live remote virtual homebase mobile outposts conversation collaboration collective action individual behavior internal process organizational culture what other 3's can you think of? 3 types of personas lurker commenter creator we'll check back later! Here's what we came up with...! millennials boomers Xers 3 generations in the workforce 3 reasons an organization exists (per Simon Sinek) how what why 3 simultaneous communities local global national 3 kinds of information noise (free) signal (free) high value (paid) 3 kinds of experts? traditional expert digital influencer the crowd SMS mobile web apps 3 kinds of mobile platforms content community commerce ...what 3's will help you frame your social media strategy? Presented at the Association New Media Summit
hosted by Peach New Media
Washington DC June 2010
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