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Purple Out

No description

Taylor Vollman

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Purple Out

Purple Out 2004 2005 2008 2007 2009 2010 2003 2011 2002 A long time ago, in a JMU not so far, far away, there was the very first Purple Out! 2006 First Ever! I feel like the "I Bleed Purple" slogan really embodies the passion that JMU students and alumni feel about our university. -- Ashely Morris, lyndsey Walter Thomas Double the amount of shirts handed out! I still recall the AIM instant message statuses: "Get to the Commons early to get your FREE Purple Out Shirts!" Yes, I went to JMU during the time of AOL instant messenger. -- Brian Nido I remember her saying "I thought you two were going to die the way those kids went after those shirts." --Victor Lim Accidentally got the gold letters for the second year, but continued the tradition First year with Gold letters First Year on the Quad Purple Out in 2006 was an unprecedented event that brought the student body together, ready to bleed purple and sweat gold for JMU! -- Aimee Cipicchio Centennial Dukes, 100 year anniversary We worked quickly on new plans, got the word out of the new location, and moved both events to the ballroom! -- Lindsay Dowd Halloween Purple Out The purple out celebration in 2008 landed on Halloween night so there were some ghastly ghouls running around in costumes while they collected their purple out shirt!--Candace Avalos Last year Purple Out was on Friday In a matter of minutes, 4,000 shirts are distributed.-- Brock Wallace Respect Madison was added to the back of t-shirt Then as time goes on, you look back at the shirt, and you can recognize a period of time from which it is from. -- Brock Wallace First year with ticket distribution I remember is the smiles on the faces as people were given their shirts, the students who were enjoying themselves by eating the popcorn and cotton candy that was provided, or the select few who were letting loose to the tunes -- Emily Douillard 2012 10th Anniversary of Purple Out Wednesday I will leave my mark on Purple Out, with a literal Duke Dog paw print with a 10 in the middle on each of the 4,490 shirts we give out! HAPPY PURPLE OUT -- Alicia Pettis We changed the letters to Gold for the Homecoming theme! -- Alka Franceschi
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