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The five themes of Geography for Ancient Greece

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Myah* Kube

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of The five themes of Geography for Ancient Greece

Places in Greece
By Myah*Kube
The five themes of Geography for
Ancient Greece
Greece is a penninsula surrounded with lots of small, and rocky islands that broke apart from the mainland.
Greece has lots of mountains with small patches of farmland.
Absolute Location
Athens, Greece is located at 37 degrees 58'N 23 degrees 42'E.
Relative Location
Greece is bordered by Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Greece is also bordered by the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Sea of Crete, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Greece is a pennisnula in the southeast region in the northen/eastern hemosphere.
Humans move to go to different places and to war by foot, horse, donkey, or carts. Royalty use chariots to get around. Greeks also use boats to go across the islands for trade. They move because they are going to war, trading, or just going somewhere in town.
The Parthenon- The Parthenon is a temple on the main Acropolis. It was dedicated to the Greek God Athena. The construction started in 438 B.C. and ended in 447 B.C. (9 years)/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

The Mediterranean Sea- The Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Mediterranean region, and surrounded by land.
Resources like olive oil, pottery, food, and slaves are moved, to the Mediterranean Sea to meet the boats and trade, by the people of Greece or their slaves. The resources are moved by carts, horse, or donkeys. They also move resouces on boats and ships for trading. They move these resources mostly for trade, because they traded them for other things they needed as well.
Human Environment Interaction
1.The people in Greece had a harder time building houses than most people because Greece is very mountainous. Most of the people fish because it is a penninsula.

2. The people in Greece plant olives,and cut down trees, destroying the animals habitats. They cut down trees because they use the wood to build things that they need, like bowls, furniture, or even a house. They also hunted and killed lots of animals for food, clothing, trade, and money.
Thanks For watchingh! :D

Hope You Enjoyed!
Jacobs, Heidi, and Michal LeVasseur. World Studies The Ancient World. Boston,MA: n.p., 2008. Print
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