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Eagle Nebula

No description

Bella Geist

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Eagle Nebula

EAGLE NEBULA The Nebula resembles an eagle It is an emission Nebula
(emission nebula: cloud of gas that emitts light of various colors) Pillars of gas within the nebula. within pillars, stars are forming. Dominate colors produced by ultraviolet light. The Eagle Nebula is located within the sagittarius arm (constellation) The Eagle Nebula was discovered in 1745-46 by Jean-Philippe de Cheseaux 90 Trillion Km (Kilometers) high eroding from tops of pillars are little globes of gas/dust which are larger in size than our solar system. Here are some interesting facts;
Brightest Star within the Eagle Nebula is visible with high end telescopes atronomers use Some Pillars potentially destroyed by nearby Super Nova explposions 6,000 years ago thats about 72 earths stacked on top of eachother!
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