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josiah klakulak

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of JAPAN

JAPAN Japan's Flag A Quick Glimpse of Japan Located In Asia Konnchiwa
or a Formal
Way To Say
Hello in Japanese Japan is a country of many islands and it is located to the east of Korea. Japan's capital is Tokyo A Brief History Konnichiwa or a
formal way to say
hello in Japanese Japanese legends say that Japan was discovered in 600 BC by Emperor Jimmu. Japan's first contact with the west was in1542, with the Portugese. In World War 1 Japan fought
together with the victorious allies. In 1932 Japan left the League of Nations.
Then, in 1936 Japan became allies with the Germans. All this led up to the attack of Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii, on the 7th of December, 1941. After the two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, they ended World War 2. Japan lost everything it had except for what it started with. Sports Sumo wrestling is often referred to as
Japan's national sport. Sumo wrestling
has a very long history because any one
can do it and you don't need anything
special to play the game. Sumo wrestlers
wear a loin cloth that looks like a swimsuit. Geography Japan has four seasons, two which are pleasant and two which are not very friendly. In sping Japan's weather is nice and warm, but not hot. It does not rain alot. Although, in summer temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees celcius and it is extremely humid. In fall temperatures become more freindly. In winter thougth it gets miserably cold. Japan is made up of 3,000 islands scattering from
Russia to Taiwan, but there are only 4 main islands.
Their are many mountains in Japan and Mount Fuji
is the tallest. There are many earthquakes in Japan
which is changing the shape of the land. About 70 percent of the people in
Japan do not belong to a religion,
but the majority of the people
according to their birth certificates
are Buddhists and Shintuists. Religion One religious festival in Japan is called Setsubun on February 3rd or 4th. The festival marks the beginning of spring. People throw beans at someone in a mask representing a demon and they chant "Out with the demons, in with good luck!"

Another major festival is called Obon. They say that the souls of the dead return so people clean their families graves and light paths to their homes. Climate People Most of the people in Japan speak Japanese. Most of the people in Japan have modern day fashion along with some traditional conservative clothing on special occasions. Japan Just had a devestating earthquake and tsunami. The earthquake was 8.9 magnitude on the rictor scale and the tsunami was 13 feet high wich destoyed everything in its' path. Noh Noh is the oldest present day theatre. It is a
type of play performed inside but the story
line is based outside. There are two
main actors and one side actor. The main
actor wears alot of masks. This is a very
interesting place to go when you're in Japan. Entertainment
Another interesting thing to do in Japan is the Barunka Theatre. Barunka Theatre is old puppeteering. The main character is controlled by three different people. This experience is priceless and you will never regret going. Places To Go josiah
Daibutsu Daibutsu is a 13.35 meter tall statue of a Buddha. Daibutsu was made in 1252 in a large temple. However
the temple was later destroyed.
Ginza Ginza is a part of Tokyo also known as downtown. Ginza has so many malls and department stores that it is known as one of the luxurious shopping destinations of the world. One thing that people go to Ginza for is to see the neon lights. Tokyo is like Asia's New York Osaka Castle Osaka Castle was made in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It was built on a rock to be safe from enemies and is eight stories in the inside.
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