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Risks of installing hardware

Risks of installing hardware and how to avoid them.

Luke Pett

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Risks of installing hardware

When opening a computer to install hardware it is always possible to receive a shock especially when the PC is still plugged in.

A way to avoid this is to make sure that the computer is not plugged in. Also you could install new components with rubber soles on your shoes to insulate you and avoid shock. When opening the computer case there are many sharp edges to look out for. The actual pieces themselves can be sharp as well. You need to also follow the manual. You could gain a static charge from rubbing your feet across a carpet.
If you were to pass an electronic charge in to a piece of hardware it will give it serious problems. Keep anything liquid away from your computer when changing the hardware. This is because liquids can disrupt the chips and pieces of hardware inside the PC. Risks of Installing hardware Electro-static discharge Sharp Edges Electric Shock Liquids To avoid this use gloves to protect your hands and pliers to bend and open parts of the case. In order to avoid doing this to your hardware there are a number of things you can do. But one of the most effective ways to avoid this is by wearing an ESD wrist band which allows you to ground yourself to avoid ESD. You can do this by attaching the band on to the metal casing of your PC in order to conduct the electricity away from you. A solution to this problem is to keep food and liquids away from hardware. Toxic Materials Wipe away thermal paste with WD40 and use wipes for your hands after wards. The thermal paste that helps conduct the heat away from the CPU and it can be harmful if inhaled. This is because the paste has aluminum and other metals in order to conduct electricity Messy workplace When changing your PC's hardware you could have a messy environment. Make sure you have a clear area to work in or installing hardware will be harder and you could damage your equipment. Press start before looking at prezi Precautions Remember to back up the data stored on your hard drive just in case. Use anti static bags to for pieces of hardware like RAM to avoid static charges.
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