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The Formation Of The Second Triumvirate

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Merritt Lota

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of The Formation Of The Second Triumvirate

The Formation of the Second Triumvirate Presentation By Merritt Lota So What Happened Exactly? Why did they form? What were the consequences? Who was in it again? Prior to the formation of the second triumvirate, Julius Caesar had been brutally assassinated. This is the event that originally brought all of the members together because each one had ties to Caesar and wanted revenge. Unfortunately, the only member who actually benefitted from this pact was Octavian. Marc Antony ended up committing suicide and Lepidus was exiled for the rest of his life. This event was the final nail in the coffin of the declining Roman Republic. The fighting that ensued between the members of the Triumvirate just added to the civil strife of the era. This event was also instrumental to the rise of the Empire because it allowed Octavian to seize the reins of the Roman Republic. He then molded it into his own Empire and jumpstarted the Pax Romana. It was both. The formation of the second triumvirate was beneficial for Octavian because the outcome helped him become emperor which led to the Pax Romana. Unfortunately in the long run, this event may have not been the best for the Roman civilization. With the rise of an empire comes the decline of an empire. Second Triumvirate forms! 43 BC. 36 BC Defeats Brutus and Cassius at Battle of Philippi Triumvirate is on the rocks.
Lepidus is defeated. 42 BC. Octavian defeats Cleopatra and Antony during Battle of Actium 32-31 BC Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide. 30 BC Octavian becomes Princeps Senatus a.k.a. head of Roman Senate 29-28 BC Marcus Antonius Marcus Aemilius Lepidus Gaius Julius Octavius Roman patrician
One of Caesar's biggest supporters
Was Caesar's "Master of the Horse"
Teamed up with Antony in an attempt to get joint power
Had power over Africa
Tried to distance himself from Octavian and Caesar during their fights
Accused of mistreating his power
Exiled to Circeii and stripped of all titles except Pontifex Maximus http://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Marcus_Aemilius_Lepidus_(triumvir).html Roman politician and general
Julius Caesar's wing man
Main rival of Octavian
Had power over Eastern Roman Empire
Married Octavia
Fell in love with Cleopatra
Put up a good fight
Ultimately lost :(
Committed suicide
http://www.history.com/topics/mark-antony Grand-nephew of Julius Caesar
Adopted as son posthumously
Won over Caesar's supporters
Ruled over Western Roman territory
Proclaimed he was the "Son of God"
Defeated Antony at Actium
Named consular power for life
Became first emperor of Roman Empire

http://www.roman-empire.net/emperors/augustus.html Why Is It So Important? Was It Good or Bad?
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