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Thomas Li

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Tangerine

Tangerine Pictures
Muck fires are fires that burn underground. They usually get started by lightning hitting a dry area.
Muck fires can reach the surface, muck fires can burn for weeks, the smoke from the fire can also last for weeks, and it is called a "muck fire" because muck is lit and lights on fire.
There were five muck fires near Veronica Estates in Florida. The largest muck fire was about ten acres long. No one was killed, fortunately.

The weather in Orlando is relatively cloudy, hot, and tropical- semitropical.
The average days of the year that are cloudy is 147 days.
The average annual rainfall is a whopping 48.1 inches, which is about 0% snow.
The temperature in Orlando always hot, an average of 72.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Aspects Of the Sunshine State
A sinkhole is a cavity in the ground, mostly in limestone bedrock. It is caused by water erosion and provides a route for surface water to disappear underground.
Sinkholes usually appear when it rains a lot, and it usually happens suddenly. Although not much people die when a sinkhole occurs, it is still terrifying when one does manage to occur.
There was once a sinkhole under one of Disneyworld's resorts. The building partially collapsed, but all of the residents fortunately survived.

Florida has many tourist attractions, but one nobody really ever hears about is the enormous amount of lightning.
Florida has so much lightning that it is nicknamed “the lightning capital of the world.”
Lightning can strike whenever there are clouds in the sky.

Thomas Li,

Adam Leverant,

and Rajat Patel
About 70 million citrus trees are grown in Florida.
The trees are grown on large fields, which, in total, cover 531, 500 acres in Florida.
These tangerines, or Citrus Tangerina, are sent to other states and countries. The surplus is great, so Florida gains a large quantity of money.

Lightning Pictures
History of the Tangerine Industry
After a peak of 4.9 pounds of tangerine consumption per person in 1979, the low of 2.3 pound per person occured.
The citrus industry introduced a new type of tangerine, an easy-to -separate tangerine that boosted consumption to 4.1 pounds a person in 2011.
After this, in 2012 the sales in tangerines skyrocketed to $425.5 million dollars!
13 million boxes of tangerines were grown that year, an improvement from the 10.8 million boxes harvested in 2011.
Tangerines grow in tropical and subtropical climates. This makes Florida a perfect place for these trees.
For a tangerine tree to grow properly, the soil around it must always be moist. This is supported by the large amounts of rainfall that Florida receives.
Tangerine trees need to grow in a sunny area. The tangerine tree can survive in cooler climates, but will be less successful in making many tangerines.
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