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Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene and other ways to take care of yourself, directed to third graders.

Liana Webster

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene
Other Ways To Take
Care Of Yourself!
Wash it AT LEAST 3 times a week!
Brush it EVERY day, at LEAST one time!
Prevent head lice by not sharing hats, brushes, or by keeping things separated from other people's belongings that have lice!
How should you wash your hair?
Get your hair wet.
Put shampoo into your hand;
rub hands together.
Use both hands and scrub your
head; not just your hair!
Make sure you get your whole head,
and ALL of your hair!
Rinse the shampoo out!
Make sure you get it ALL out!
Now you can use conditioner, this
will make your hair soft and smooth.
Make sure you rinse ALL
of the conditioner out!
Wash your hands!
Before you eat (and sometimes after!)
After using the bathroom
After playing outside
After playing with pets
After coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose
Keep your fingernails clean and short!
Long nails mean more area for germs to live!
Trim your nails with nail clippers or keep them filed with a nail file.
Keep them clean by washing your hands and scrubbing around and under the nails.
Use a nail brush or an old tooth brush to wash under your fingernails if they have a lot of dirt under them!
Get your hands wet with warm water.
Apply soap.
Rub your hands together, make sure you get
your whole hand soapy! You should do this for at least 30 seconds!
Rinse all of the soap off of your hands.
Dry your hands with a clean towel.
Use the towel to turn the water off!
Your Germs.
Other People's Germs.
Going to the bathroom
Blowing your nose
Shaking hands
Ear wax is normal and helps protect the inside of your ear!
DO NOT put anything into your ears!
That INCLUDES Qtips!
Wash the outside of your ears with a wash cloth, don't forget to wash behind them as well!
Putting a Q tip in your ear might push the earwax back toward the eardrum. Normally wax moves outward.
Washing with a cloth will pick it up! Don't forget to wash behind your ears because shampoo and other hair products can build up and cause your skin to crack, and look dirty!
Feet can be stinky!
How do we keep them from being stinky?
If they're already stinky what do we do?
Wash your feet EVERY day!
Make sure you wash between your toes!
Dry your feet, don't forget to
get between your toes!
If your shoes stink,
Change your socks EVERY day!
Keep your toenails trimmed
(like your fingernails)!
Put lotion on your feet,
DO NOT put the lotion
between your toes!
Brush your teeth AT LEAST twice a day!
Brush for AT LEAST 2 minutes!
Floss AT LEAST once a day!
Visit a dentist twice a year!
Use mouthwash (don't swallow) once a day!
Food stuck in between your teeth, rotting teeth,
and gum disease can all cause bad breath!
Be kind to those around you and take care of your mouth!
Take a bath or shower AT LEAST once a day!
You can bathe at night or in the morning.
Make sure you wash your ENTIRE body!
Skin is an organ like your heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain. It has a lot of jobs!
Keeps germs out!
Keeps your insides in!
Helps control your temperature!
Helps get rid of salt, water, and other waste!
SO KEEP IT CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make sure you hit all of the areas that sweat the most! They will be the areas that are the most stinky!
Arm pits
Did you know that there are lots of ways to eat healthy?
Eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables.
That means AT LEAST 4 servings a day!
Fruites and veggies help keep our digestive system healthy, AND our eyes and teeth!
Dairy products, like milk cheese and yogurt,
help build strong bones and teeth. You should have AT LEAST 4 servings a day!
Protein, like chicken and fish, help give us energy and build muscles. You should have AT LEAST 2 servings of protein a day!
Whole grains, like whole grain bread, are important for digestive system health and giving us lots of vitamins and minerals. They also give us energy! You should have AT LEAST 6 servings a day!
You'll notice that candy is not listed as a group. Either is cake. But it is OK to eat these things in what we call MODERATION. That just means don't eat them a lot, and not every day.
Say NO to Drugs!
What is a drug?
ANY foreign substance or chemical that you put into your body.
This includes smoking, drinking, and taking pills in a way that is not prescibed by a doctor.
Wear clean clothes every day! Dead skin cells and bacteria will hang out on your clothes and make them stink. Wash them after you wear them!
Wearing deodorant helps with armpit stink/sweat!
So put deodorant on after you shower and before activities that make you sweat!
Get AT LEAST 30 minutes of physical activity, where your heart rate is increased, a day!
Why exercise?
It helps keep our muscles strong.
It helps our heart and lungs stay healthy.
It helps lose weight or keep us at a reasonable weight.
It burns calories that we don't need.
Wash your hair.
Bathe every day.
Brush your teeth twice a day.
Keep nails clean and trimmed.
Eat healthy.
Say NO to drugs.
Wear clean clothes (inlcuding socks and underwear!) EVERY day.
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