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No description

Ning Ma

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Stonemake

by Chong Yu, Ma Ning, Candy Tam Introduction Situation Market
Potential Business
Description Market Strategy Implementation Expected Outcome fascinated in fashionable goods
willing to spend money
willing to change The middle class
Students or young generation
Between 18 to 30 years old Stationery Greeting Cards Memo Stickers Lampshades Home Decorative Items Wallpaper Tablecloth Fashionable
Creative Highly durable Non-oxidizable Waterproof &
Oil-proof Non-flammable RMP
Wood Pulp
Rich Mineral Paper (RMP) Costs 40% lesser! Market Strategy Place Distribution Channel Contracting with intermediaries
influenced by retailers
Location - The most popular shopping districts
Trendy shops & brands
+ younsters
= cluster effect
Promotion Sales
Promotion Public
Relations Business Description Brand Scope of
Products Product's Feature -make use of “stone paper” Target Market Potential Customers Gift Bags Wrap
papers Market Potential Environmental Friendliness Design Quality Vs Internet Advertising Eco-Art
Contest Stonemake Print Advertising Setting up own store
effective Causeway Bay CaCo3 Stone Price No Duplication First Mover Invented By Need Application of Rich Mineral Paper Agent Allow application of agent to RMP CELL Care Long

Lasting Effect IMPLEMENTATION Design and Priting Effective Stonemake --> Outsourced X Famous Designers Right people First graduates Designing Team Expected OUTCOMES & BENEFITS For Stonemake Huge potential market & profit Cost of RMP = 60% cost of wood pulp paper Establish Good Reputation Stonemake Business Plan: The HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards 2009-10 For Customer Superior Quality High Quality &
Environmental Friendly Costly & Dull Fashionable and Trendy For community NO trees are neede NO drainage problem Disposal: 6-12 months Environment : Important Asset
CONCLUSION List Price Stationery:
$10 - $200
$50 - $300
Home Decorative Items:
$200 - $2,000 Cost Structure (Monthly) Expected Sales Revenue:
Rental Expenses:
Other Expenses:
Expected Income: $1,000,000
$650,000 5,000 customers,
each one buys $200 goods Stonemake -> Local Design Team
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