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Global Warming

Be grateful, peasants -.-

Orni Kabir

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Causes and Effects Introduction Climate Change Climate has a huge part in global warming. Global warming causes average climates to become higher and from the high temperatures diseases are caused. Temperatures can cause population to decrease. High temperatures cause all types of species to get hot. Some species dehydrate. Sometimes high temperatures can cause death. Not only high temperatures but very low climates can also cause death. In the following slides I will show what kinds of effects global warming has on climate and what it can lead to. Coastal Flooding Coastal flooding is a major effect due to global warming. Coastal flooding is when a flood happens along the coast of a lake or ocean. Coastal flooding is really terrible because it destroys houses, schools and villages. It is the rise in sea level. Storms, and storm surges are all effects of global warming too but they are also the causes of coastal flooding. In the following paragraphs I will discuss how global warming uses these three effects to cause coastal flooding. Habitat Loss Global warming is harming the earth. The loss of habitat is one of the many effects of global warming. Because of it, many rivers lakes, and other places are drying up. In other parts of the world, ice caps are melting. Animals are losing their homes. Pollution Global warming is something that is causing the temperature of the earth to gradually rise. One thing that causes global warming is pollution. Pollution is actually a major cause for global warming. Air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, and many other types of pollution are all a part of this. Humans also have a large role in polluting the earth. Here, I will talk about pollution and how it causes global warming. Conclusion In conclusion global warming is something terrible that is caused by many things and affects many things. We have explained how the climate changes because of global warming, it can raise much higher and many climactic deaths can be caused. We have also explained how coastal flooding can be caused and how it can lead to many natural disasters and storms. As covered in this presentation, we explained how habitat loss is also occurring because global warming and how it is causing different species to become endangered. Things that cause global warming, such as pollution was also explained. Air pollution and land pollution both cause this disaster and we people have a hand in that, too. Greenhouse gases are both good and bad. Too much green house gases also cause global warming. I hope you have enjoyed our beautiful presentation. We have wasted a lot of time on this so be grateful, filthy peasants. Global Warming Climatic Death Pictures of Climatic Deaths Rising Temperatures Climate Disasters Want to checkout pics of climatic disasters .... ^. ^ Here is a nice video where you can take time to watch !!!!!!! Angeline Charlie Nuzhat Momota Orni Green House Effect and Gases Orni Air Pollution Air pollution is the pollution of the atmosphere and the air around us. It is caused by all kinds of things such as coal, burning fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, gases from factories, and many other types of gases. The largest source of air pollution is burning fossil fuels. How do these things cause global warming? Well, when these fumes and gases rise up into the air, they gather around the atmosphere almost like a barrier. This causes all the heat that comes to the earth from the sun to be trapped on the earth. It has no way to escape because of the gases around the earth, therefore making the temperature of the earth to rise. Air Pollution Image This image shows burning fossil fuels coming out of factories. These gases will rise up into the air, into the atmosphere, and gather around causing heat to be trapped on the earth. Land Pollution Land pollution is the pollution of land. (Obviously.) Even though land pollution doesn't directly effect global warming, it still does have an effect. For example, landfills are filled with mountains and piles of waste and garbage. Some chemicals and stuff and seep into the ground but the fumes and smell the landfill creates is something that causes global warming. These fumes rise up into the air and just like in air pollution, gathers around the atmosphere causing heat to get trapped on the earth. Methane is a natural gas that also can come from landfills, animals such as cows, and other things. Methane is the second greatest contributor to global warming.The first being carbon dioxide. All these gases rise up into the air from land and cause global warming. Together, methane and global warming makes up about 74% of pollution gases. The cutting down of trees and such also cause carbon dioxide to increase in the air because without the trees, carbon dioxide remains present. Land Pollution Image This is a picture of a landfill. The landfill will create fumes that will go into the air and form around the atmosphere causing heat to get trapped on earth. People and Pollution Out of all the things, we people are a big cause of global warming. We do things in our everyday lives that cause this. For example, every day millions of people drive their cars around to get to places. All these cars release gases and such that go into the air, and around our atmosphere. They release fossil fuels. When people leave their air conditioners on in the summer time, burning fossil fuels are used. Fossil fuel is needed for energy and electricity. When people leave their lights on for no reason or something, they are polluting the world and contributing to global warming. Even second hand smoking can contribute to global warming.
It's not as if global warming can be reversed but it can be slowed down or prevented. People have begun to take action on this. For example, people are walking or riding bikes or carpooling to get to places. This of course doesn't have such a huge impact on stopping global warming but it does help. The government is also taking action to prevent global warming. If people don't take action, global warming will only get worse. Nowadays, technology is improving but for these things to happen more energy is needed which means more pollution. image from: http://blog.heartland.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/0air.jpg image from: http://www.oxstyle.com/2010/12/pollution.html People and Pollution Image Hello, fellow classmates who have willingly or unwillingly taken the time to listen to this. In this following presentation we will talk about global warming, the things that cause it, and the things that it affects. We believe global warming is something terrible that is causing too many problems and it should be prevented. Our group has gone through the trouble to make and explain this prezi to you, so um your welcome. ^.^ But First
Meet our group C: In this image, a picture of traffic is shown. All these cars driven by people are releasing fossil fuels into the air which is contributing to global warming. image from: www.newsshopper.co.uk/resources/images/897683.jpg?types=articlePortrait Pollution: Conclusion In these past few slides, I have explained what pollution is and how it's causing global warming. I have also explained, how people are also polluting the earth and also contributing to global warming though, some people are trying to prevent it. I hope you enjoyed the slides. Citations http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/pollution-overview/
http://pmm.nasa.gov/node/701 Ice caps , also known as islands made of ice are melting. More than 3 percent of the ice caps in the North and South Pole have melted or broken up since 1909. Penguins, Polar Bears, etc. are having their homes destroyed. It's very heartbreaking >.< A picture showing ice breaking
away from ice cap. When animals lose their homes they become endangered. Endangered species are species of animals that have populations close to being extinct. Many animals such as pandas are dying because they too are losing their homes. Those furry little creatures are dying! D: Pandas are being endangered
because of all the habitat loss. Melting Ice Caps Endangered Species Now for a video to sum it all up The greenhouse effect, is one of the major
things in this world to help sustain life as
we know it. But the greenhouse gases produced by humans is practically destroying it all! The air around us has 53% of Carbon Dioxide, 17% Methane, 12% Nitrous Oxide, and 18% of other gases that traps more heat than needed. Global warming is bound to occur if there are more gases then needed in the air. > < ~
Sea level rise Storms Coastal Flooding:Conclusion Well, rising temperature places like the desserts you have rising temperatures why its hotter there.Also you have hotter and colder places where people die.The more the temperature rises so do hurricanes. How,well global warming scientist have thought for global warming to be strong. Well is so strong that the hotter it gets so do the hurricanes and tsunamis. F.Y.I hurricanes and tsunami grow up real high for tsunamis the highest they go up to is 100 to 300 ft and for hurricanes they get fast has 190 mph. Okay when you have climate changes and the temperatures are very low that's dangerous. Imagine just because of global warming the sea level rises 61 meters. Also the simulation of the land and the ocean.In the next slide it would show you how. These past centuries the sea level has risen from 4 to 8 inches. The annual rate for sea level rise for over the past 20 years has been 0.13inches a year. Global warming causes the rise in sea level because of the melting of glaciers, polar ice caps and thermal expansion. The melting of glaciers and polar ice caps is a help in the rise of the sea level because global warming is the cause of the ice melting in Antarctica. When the ice melts in Antarctica where do think all that water goes, well into the ocean of coarse. This causes the ocean to over flow and spill over. All that melted water is what causes the sea level to rise. satellite data shows that Antarctica since 1992 to 2011 has lost 70 billion tonnes of ice. Thermal expansion is a help in the rise in sea level because since global warming causes the earths temperatures rise the ocean absorbs most of the heat causing it to expand.When all that water expands it spills over onto the land causing coastal flooding. This is how sea level rise has caused coastal flooding. Pics and videos of rising temperatures :) This video shows what can happen if the ice of Antarctica were to melt and that a cause of global warming and if were to melt the seal level would rise up to 61 meters which is dangerous As the number of climatic-related disasters increases, Greenpeace is planning to plow more resources into climate disaster. The situation is expected to get worse in the up coming years.The greatest danger from extreme weather is in highly populated, in the poor regions of the world, the report warns, but no corner of the globe.Global warming is leading to such severe storms. That is just terrible how all this can happen because of global warming disasters, disease and more. Sea level rise http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/gallery/124.jpg Storms like tsunamis and hurricanes are the reasons for coastal flooding. These storms are reasons for coastal flooding because the storms have very powerful winds that can create wind waves that can reach land. Wind waves are wind generated waves that occur on the surface of oceans lakes and rivers. Wind waves range from small ripples to huge waves over 30m high.The rise in Sea level aids in the waves reaching the land because since the ocean is really high and is still rising 0.13inches a year it doesn't take much for the wind to blow a wave on to the land. Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes on land or either under the water. Not all under water earthquakes cause tsunamis, an earthquake has to be over about magnitude 6.75 on the Richter scale for it to cause a tsunami. A tsunamis wave is so dangerous it can range from 70 to 80 ft high. Hurricanes are formed when warm air from the ocean rises and it meets the cold air. So these storms with their powerful winds and huge waves causes coastal flooding. This is what the rise in sea level did to this once water less park. Storm Surges Storm surges are waves that happen during a storm and they are way bigger than normal waves. Theses waves can get up to 13 to 40ft high. when we talk about hurricanes and how dangerous they are we don't realize that the most dangerous and damaging part is the storm surge. a storm surge occurs when a storm has a rise of water that is greatly above a predicted astronomical tide. These past years we have had many storm surges one recent one is hurricane sandys, it's storm surge was calculated to be about 13ft high. This is the amount of habitat and species that have been dead or that are dieing since the year 2000 The following people will be presenting....... Momota Orni Charlie Nuzhat Angeline sometimes the climatic is too hot it can cause a fire Picture Angeline Charlie Nuzhat Momota Orni, the Leader The Topics being covered * Climate Change by Angeline
* Coastal Flooding by Charlie
* Habitat Loss by Nuzhat
* Pollution by Momota
* Greenhouse Gases/Effect by Orni mail.colonial.net chemistry In conclusion, this is how coastal flooding is caused by Global warming. With the help of the rise in the sea level, storms and storm surges are caused. I hope you liked my slides. Desert Because of global warming, average desert temperatures are being caused to become higher. It get much more hotter than it's normally suppose to. People and animals that live in the desert are dying because of harsh temperatures. Conclusion In conclusion, all this global warming business is destroying habitats. It making places too hot to live in, endangering species, and breaking away ice caps. We should stop all this nonsense before it gets out of hand. Hot desert climate The Greenhouse Effect There are some things in this world that we as humans can't live without. Like water, food, shelter (more or less), and stuff like that. The greenhouse effect is one of them. I'm pretty convinced that you guys don't really know but it is.
Basically the greenhouse effect keeps the climate in earth balanced. so without it all the heat in this world will.............. disappear..... leaving the earth freezing cold and unable to
sustain human life. The gases are the things
that makes this possible. But if there's
too much...... then who knows what
will happen. In the past few slides, I've brought up greenhouse gases. To those of you wondering greenhouse gases are the gases around us. It helps keeps the heat in from the sun to help us keep life. But if there's too much gases trapping in unnecessary heat the earth will become hotter and warmer. All the excess gases are caused by us humans. Polluting the air around us will worsen the gases, and it will also cause a hole in the Ozone layer, the thing that protects us from the suns harmful UV rays. Greenhouse Gases A Diagram Picture :) Conclusion I admit that this section was a bit short
but at least I got my point across, right?
To clarify things the greenhouse effect, uses greenhouse gases to absorb the heat from the sun, to help the climate on earth stay inhabitable. If there's too much heat trapping gases then the earth will be warmer than
it already is, and DUN, DUN, DUN
Global warming A final picture... Oh look another diagram........ And Now We Shall Proceed To Charlesworth (Charlie) Introducing the first speaker/presenter of the day..... Angeline Now we go on to Muzzy (Nuzhat) And now for Mili (Momota) ^.^ Last but not the least.... Orni (Me) Sadly our little journey is coming to an end :( thanks for all your attention Up next is the Citation.
This is where our group bids you people farewell. AND NOW WE BREAK INTO A MUSICAL :D !!!!!!! Kidding...... too many stubborn and shy group members has opposed the idea >:(
but there's the original video we planned on "singing" too..... Okay lets talk about ..... causes and effects of rising temperatures where tsunamis and hurricanes that they are leading to or have hit already climatic deaths fires , tsunamis,hurricanes,coastal flooding Disasters in the cities and in the world In climatic death things that die often or seem to disappear are tree rings, coral reefs and ice coves sometimes 15,000 is the amount of climatic death it leads to. Also global warming has occurred since the 1970s. More than an excess of 140,000 deaths has occurred. Since the year 2004, deaths every year with that amount happens just because of global warming that's shocking. It takes 2-4 billions of dollars to get everything fixed which is a lot of money. Its sad that more than 140,000 coral reefs, tree rings, and ice coves are dieing. like I said before climate has a big part in global warming. You see results of global warming every year results in pollution, climate change, greenhouse effects, gases effects coastal flooding, and habitat loss.
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