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Special Education 2018-19

Overview of special services available to English Landing students

Cheryl Silver

on 1 August 2018

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Transcript of Special Education 2018-19


Kristine Douglas, Special Education Teacher
Jennifer Steele, Special Education Teacher
Cheryl Silver, Speech Therapist

Special Education Services
Our Students
Special Education
The Park Hill Special Services Program provides special education services to students with disabilities ages three to 21, as required under The Individuals with Disabilities Act – 97 (IDEA-97) and Missouri House Bill 474.
Park Hill's Special Services program identifies students that may have a disability that affects their ability to progress in the general curriculum, evaluates those students, determines eligibility, and develops individual education plans.
The Special Services program provides children with disabilities with a free, appropriate public education. Children with disabilities differ in mental abilities, sensory development, physical traits, emotional behaviors, social behaviors and communication skills. Some may require modifications to their general education program, while others may need special education and related services in order to benefit from their educational program.
Our Services
Special Education
The elementary special education program serves students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.
Self-contained programs can be offered in the elementary setting as determined by the IEP team. Self-contained classes can provide individualized instruction in academic, social, and/or behavioral areas. Students in this category can spend 39% or less inside the regular education classroom.
Resource classes can provide support for instruction that has occurred in the regular education classroom, or direct instruction can be provided in the student's area of specific weakness.
A referral for a special education evaluation can be initiated by a parent or by school personnel. The referral can be made either verbally or in writing.
Special Education Referrals
The purpose of the referral is to determine if the student has a documented disability that falls under one of the thirteen (13) categories recognized by the Office of Special Education.
The district must document the following information on the referral:

the name and role of the individual making the referral
the areas of educational concern
a description of the learning experiences of the child, especially in reading and math
a statement addressing that limited English proficiency is not the primary reason for the referral
the date of the referral
Once a parent referral has been received, the district has 30 days to determine the appropriateness of the referral. If the Team determines there is sufficient evidence that a disability might be present, a Notice of Action to Evaluate is presented to the parent.
Speech & Language
Speech and Language services are available to students who meet eligibility criteria adopted by the Park Hill School District. Services include sound system disorders (articulation), fluency (stuttering), voice disorders and language disorders. Parent(s), teachers and speech therapists work together to identify and support students with speech and language needs. Each student’s needs are different. Because of this, there are several approaches to meeting these needs.
A student may:

work at home with a family member with materials provided by the speech therapist
remain in the regular education classroom with modeling and sound support from the classroom teacher
receive early intervening services at school with the speech/language therapist
receive therapy at school through an IEP (Individual Education Plan) with the speech/language therapist
Early Intervening Speech
Park Hill School District offers Early Intervening Speech (EIS) instruction for students with mild speech differences. The EIS instruction provides speech intervention at school for regular education students. This instruction would be provided by a qualified speech language pathologist. Instruction would occur outside of the regular classroom in an individual or small group setting. The speech language pathologist and classroom teacher would plan together to determine the best time for students to receive EIS instruction.
The EIS instruction would be provided as intervention. This is not a special education or related service under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). If your child does not make noticeable progress with the EIS instruction and/or a problem which may negatively impact educational performance is indicated, a referral may be made for an evaluation. You may also request and evaluation.
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.
Kristine Douglas: 816-359-5909
Jennifer Steele: 816-359-6012
Cheryl Silver: 816-359-5812
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