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Ecology and Biodiversity

An outline of ecology, biodiversity and ecosystems.

Blair Riding

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Ecology and Biodiversity

Ecology Interactions among Organisms, between Organisms, and with their Surroundings Levels of Organization Individual A single plant, animal or other living thing Population all the members of a species in a given area Community all of the populations in a given area Ecosystem the living community and the nonliving physical environment functioning together Biome A group of ecosystems with similar climate and communities Biosphere Everywhere on Earth where you can find life Which has more biodiversity? Biomes or Biodiversity The number of different species in a community is all about Tropical Rainforests are the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. With only one main species of plant, farmland has only a few species. Niche The habitat a species lives in, and the role it fills in the ecosystem. Cold Water Fast Water Eats Small fish and invertebrates Top Predator Dense Forests Extinction All members of a species have died.
Reduces biodiversity. Habitat The environment a species lives in.
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