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Chitra Collection

No description

Gwen Hustwit

on 3 July 2015

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Transcript of Chitra Collection

the origin of tea is shrouded in
myth and mystery.
It is said that tea was first drunk
in China in 2737BC...
When tea leaves accidentally dropped
in Emperor Shen Nong's boiling water.
From this day on, tea shaped the world
we live in today
by the 11th Century
tea had become the currency of the realm...
For a few caddies of tea....
...the Chinese could buy
a horse in Tibet
15th Century
The Portuguese
introduced tea to Europe
Charles II agrees to marry
Portuguese Catherine of Braganza
on one condition:
Tea as dowry
as a bonus
Britain received the village of Mumbai
This marked the start of
the British Empire in India
Meanwhile, still in 1662....
...Queen Catherine introduced
the custom of drinking tea
tea was more expensive than gold
and was kept in locked caddies
by 1669
the East India Company
had monopolised the import of tea...
17th Century
Boston was part of New England
Britain was facing difficulties
with tea supplies
the British government
imposed heavy taxes on tea to America
As a defiant step against
British Taxation...
The Boston Tea Party
took place
Tea ignited
the American War of Independence
19th Century
thus, the Company introduced tea culture into India...
...20,000 tea plants were brought from China to India
as a result of the Opium Wars in China
the East India Company
lost its monopoly on tea
the first tea plantation in Assam
was created
18th-19th Century was the epitome of tea culture in Europe
Anna, Duchess of Bedford,
introduced Afternoon tea in Britain
an american tea trader
by the name of Mr Sullivan
Started marketing tea wrapped
in silk pouches
the tea bag was "invented''
The 20th Century...
Tea became a cheap commodity
Fine tea
now represents
less than 1% of global production
sold in teabags to be diluted
by milk and sugar
...marked the start of
the decline of tea culture
But today...
Re-live history
...Newby starts its crusade to preserve the art and history of tea
and discover some of the world's
most exquisite tea treasures

10th Century
tea was first introduced commercially
to Japan from China
tea became the drinks of
the monks in Japan
12th Century
The Japanese tea ceremony was created
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