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June 2014 Day 1, Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment

Day 1, 2014

DiAnna Palmer

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of June 2014 Day 1, Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment

Facts About LGBTQA
What can we do at Franklin?!
Teaching in a Blended and e-Learning Environment
Ice Breaker Activities
Classroom Guidelines
Break Times
What does it mean to teach in a blended learning environment?
What are the technologies used in a blended course?
Expectations of an instructor
Setting Student Expectations
Wrap up!
Instructor Expectations:
Course Conduct
Technology outages or errs
Instructor first point of contact
Setting Expectations for Instructors
Today we will:
Course and Faculty Introductions
Teaching in a Blended Course
Setting Faculty and Student Expectations
Managing Your Course Environment
Blackboard Usage
Wrap Up

Best Practices for Teaching Online:
Be Present
Online Communication
Course Outcomes

Identify contemporary teaching and learning methodologies that support a variety of learning styles

Identify and summarize the learning styles and characteristics of a student-centered learning environment.

Apply effective teaching and evaluative strategies in a student-centered learning environment.

Demonstrate effective communication.

Apply knowledge of technical tools to teach both face-to-face and online classes.

Create a Supportive Online Community
Set Clear Expectations
Develop yourself Professionally
React and Act!
Randomly select a sheet of paper that has an occurrence on it (for example, winning a million dollars in the lottery) and react to the occurrence using animated expressions, gestures, and words. After a set amount of time, others will try to guess what happened that caused those reactions and actions.
Two Truths and a Lie
Write down two truths about yourself and one lie, the group will try to guess which is the truth and which is a lie.
Create a list of many common traits or qualities that members of the group have in common. Have a spokesperson from each subgroup read their list. The second half is the Unique part. On a second sheet of paper record unique traits and qualities; that is, items that only apply to one person in the group.
Unique and Shared
Blended Course
Traditional Course
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