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LSU - Social Media in Higher Education

A presentation on Social Media for the Division of Student Life and Enrollment

Jai Jackson

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of LSU - Social Media in Higher Education

M. Jonathan "Jai" Jackson

Master of Arts - May 2010
Appalachian State University
Student Affairs Administration

Bachelor of Science - May 2008
Appalachian State University
Business Administration/Health Care Management

Social Media Consultant
August 2010 - Present

Residence Coordinator/Academic Advisor
Duke University
July 2010 - Present M. Jonathan "Jai" Jackson Social Media in Higher Education Presenter
Credentials: Understand what social media is and where it is going.
Recognize the benefits and drawbacks of social media.
Outline a social media strategy for the Division of Student Life and Enrollment.
Create effective social media outreach and build communities Presentation
Outcomes: The Social Media Timeline The Social Media Channels... Blog post
Podcast The Social Media Web Social media outlets are plentiful so choose wisely for your department. The Choice is Yours The Flavors of Social Media Is it necessary to maintain a presence with every site? The 10 Rules of
Social Media Engagement Engage first,
sell second Be
consistent Be
regular It's not ALWAYS about You Respond
to comments Be worth following, liking, and a re-tweet Be Patient Use ONLY what works for you Be your
brand Remember
to sell Think about these...
Hashtags (#)
Program/Org Account
Mobile Access Note Worthy #LSUSocialMedia Follow, like, re-tweet, mention others in the LSU community and ask that they reciprocate. Create a Social Media Community Benefits of Social Media
Adoption Emerging Trends The Strategy for Success Assemble a Social Media Team Social Media Manager
Social Strategist
Content Creators Create a Social Media Policy Train
Staff Members Set rules and guidelines so staff can successfully engage stakeholders without damaging your brand. Staff members should understand the importance of social media, its use, the policy, and expectations. Identify your
Audience Potential Audience Potential/Accepted students
Existing students
Sports Fans* Define
Your Objective What is your goal for engaging in social media?

Why should your audience follow you?

What are you going to say? Monitor Your Social Networks Monitoring can help you:

Gauge the health of your brand
Understand Your Audience
Handle Your Next Crisis
Keep Tabs on Rival Schools
Collect Student Feedback Plan Engagement Tactics Show Campus Life
Spread Good News
Ask and Answer Questions
Tell Stories about Student Success Plan for Content Ask students
Ask departments/offices
Ask faculty/staff
Join online communities
Discover keywords in web analytic programs
Monitor competing schools The Importance of Social Media Adoption In one day on the Internet:
294 billion emails are sent
2 million blog posts are written (enough to fill TIME magazine for 770 million years)
172 million people visit Facebook
40 million visit Twitter
22 million visit LinkedIn
20 million visit Google+
17 million visit Pinterest
4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook
532 million statuses are updated
250 million photos are uploaded
22 million hours of tv and movies are watched on Netflix
864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
More than 35 million apps are downloaded Questions? Examples of Social Media Use Social Media Management
Tools Hootsuite Google Analytic NetVibes Tweet Reach SMS Short Codes Use SMS short codes sent over Twitter to poll your community. Text 12915 and your message to 37607 Facebook Polls Great for usage data! SMS Short Codes
Mobile Applications
Location based services
QR Codes
Mobile revolution The Social Media Manager Set up and manage social media outlets. Stay current on trends and make suggestions for success. Build and improve the social network of your office. Keep content current and relevant. Engage your social media community.
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