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My Space

No description

Martha Alfonso

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of My Space

2 Pros ,1 Con
I have a lot of objects in my room that make me feel very comfortable and safe. For example, I have a lot of hometown pictures from the past hanging on my wall. It makes me think of home and my family back in the Philippines. The pictures give me a sense of warmth and pleasure.
Another item would be all my posters on my wall. If you know me, I really like K-pop and as you guys might have already guessed the posters are K-pop. It makes me feel happy seeing them, I don't know why but they just do.
My pillows would be one of the major objects that give me the sense of comfort in my room. I'm one of those people who has to sleep with 10 pillows in order to actually fall asleep. I basically lie on those pillows every minute. Right when I get home from school I don't get up from those pillows. They just make me feel comfy and cozy. One of my favorite items in my room.
My Space
What feelings do I convey towards my bedroom?
Small enough for only me to stay in the room. I can have the sense of individuality when I'm in my room
There's less space to clean. Whenever my room is clean I feel a lot healthier and a lot more hygienic, which I really love.
There's not enough space to put a lot of furniture and a bigger closet. I think it's better for a room to have a lot of furniture. For example a bedside table, shelves, desk, and more, but since my room is really small, there's only a limited amount of space for a limited amount of furniture. Having a lot of furniture makes me feel really cozy and relaxed. The only relaxation I can get from the furniture in my room are my pillows and my bed. Which is really not enough for me.
I have the smallest room in my house. There are absolutely pros and cons on having a small room. However, to me there are more pros. It's a small space, so that means it's cute and quiet. I like to be in a peaceful room, and having a small one helps a lot
2 Pros, 1 Con
Overall I love my room. I feel like it represents me a lot. There are a lot of random things in here, it's small, and quiet. I guess I can say that it's my own little corner :)
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