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Intern Go To Market Strategy

No description

Chris Bachkora

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of Intern Go To Market Strategy

Phase 1
Next Steps are close together: 3-5 Business Days

Formal Delivery & Tone
What's in it for them?
Name Drop
Announce next step date & time
Touch 1
Touch 3
Touch 4
Phase 2
Touches are less frequent: 2 Weeks

Less Formal
Following Up On...
More detail what's in it for them
Add me to your vendor file
Touch 6
Touch 7
Touch 8
Touch 9
Cost Control
Phase 3
Touches every 4 weeks

Get Creative
Use your personality
"It's ___ again..."
"If you haven't added me to your vendor file yet, now's the time."
Mix in Rapport and Credibility Moves

It's all about making an impact and building a one sided relationship
Touch 12
Touch 13
Touch 14
Touch 15
Phone Call/VM Phases
Spoke With DM
Not Interested Hung Up Before Letting You Finish
Not Interested
Send Me Some Info or Follow up with me in the future
Set Appointment
Email Templates
Phase 1
Touch 1 & 2
Phase 1
Touch 3 & 4
Phase 1
Touch 5
Phase 2
Touches 6-9

Ok Sounds great. Later today you will receive a calendar invite for that time. I'm also going to send you a special Regency branded envelope with our contact information and confirmation of our scheduled time. It will be hard to miss!

Within the brandelope:

business card of whomever is running the appointment
Go To meeting information if virtual
Depending on time before appointment, a pen with their name on it or Any Self Promo.
Thank You Card
Thanks for speaking with us earlier and we look forward to meeting you on _____ @ _____. Chris/Jason/Jonathan will be joining you on the go to meeting at that time.

I appreciate the time on the phone on today. Per our conversation I have included some basics about Regency 360 and a few of our service areas that we assist our clients with.

The goal of Regency 360 is to simplify our client’s operations and decrease their bottom line. Regency continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing business resource management companies in the country.

• We are one of the top 25 largest print, promotional products, and apparel distributors in the country. Our clients are typically able to take advantage of economies of scale and we have seen savings of up to 40%.
• Our commitment to technology and success has given our clients access to the latest technology that is utilized by Fortune 500 companies.
• Our company store platform is completely customized to our client's needs and creates and easy, efficient way for companies to order any print, promotional, and apparel items.

I have attached a case study that details how Regency has helped other organizations similar to yours. If I don’t hear back from you I will follow up with you on (DATE) at (TIME)



I appreciate your time today on the phone. I’m sure you get hit with all kinds of sales calls and my guess is you’re a bit tired of it. It can definitely be frustrating on this side as well for those of us who actually have the ability to positively impact a company in many ways because our message gets lost in all the “clutter”.

Based on our call it sounds like my timing is off. I completely understand. However, I wanted to take a chance and send you a follow up email.

My goal from all of this is to open up a line of communication and to find out how you do & don’t like to be contacted (I will respect your preference). At some point in the future, hopefully we will get to a point of mutual respect where you’ll grant me a few moments of your time.

I’ll follow up with you in the future to get your thoughts.


Set the next call out 3-4 weeks. The decision maker will have most likely forgotten that you called.
Research another decision maker in the organization to reach out to.
Case Studies
Live Phone Call
Investigative Phone Calls
Positioned by Common Solves

Hi __, It's __ over at Regency360
Hoping you can help me - wondering what your process is when you have an upcoming event and you need to order print/promo/apparel - are you involved in that?

We work with companies in the (industry) including (name drop) and create an amazon like experience by uploading those items onto custom site built just for (prospect company name).
Would love to find out about your company...(transition to finding who)

Once you have your "ammunition" ask to be transferred or call back. Demonstrate your

Hi __, It's __ over at Regency360
Hoping you can help me out. Do you have a minute? We work with a number of companies in the (insert industry) one of the common issues we see the clients have in common is with onboarding new hires. I was wondering what your process is when you hire a new (Insert Industry-based title here) and you need to get them set up with (logoed material like PRT, PRO,APP) -
is that something you're involved in? How often are you bringing someone on?

As I mentioned, we work with companies in the (industry) including (name drop) and create an amazon like experience by uploading those items onto custom site built just for (prospect company name).
Would love to find out about your company...(transition to finding who)

Once you have your "ammunition" ask to be transferred or call back. Demonstrate your
Hi __, It's __ over at Regency360
Hoping you can help me - do you know anything about how the folks in the field get their logoed items like
(Insert industry specific items here) - is that something you're involved in? What does that process look like?

We work with companies in the (industry) including (name drop) and create an amazon like experience by uploading those items onto custom site built just for (prospect company name).
Would love to find out about your company...(transition to finding who)

Once you have your "ammunition" ask to be transferred or call back. Demonstrate your


Who are we targeting?
Companies with multiple locations and/or departments
Companies with Brand and/or Logo plays a role in their client interactions
B2B Organizations
5 locations or more
50+ Employees
B2C Organizations
Heavy emphasis on Brand
25+ Employees
Multi Location / Department

FIT-Target Market

What hurdles does our solution historically solve for a customer with that fit?
Reduce Hassle
Of Distribution
Of Payment (Solution for payroll deduction, Invoice solutions, etc)
Of Managing and Tracking Inventory
FIT - Solutions
What enhancements does our solution offer?
Amazon-like buying experience
Greater flexibility (no minimums, payment and employee gift card options)
Speed to Market / Turnaround Time
Ability to automate historically manual, repetitive processes
Materials Management
Who are you calling and why?
How well do they FIT?
What current customer do they resemble? (Industry/Locations/Turnover/Brand Importance)
What issue did we solve and or initiative did our solution help this customer achieve?
What do we know today about how they procure and distribute?
**What do their field employees think of the process?
**What do the people that manage the process think of their current program?
If you can't answer one of the last two questions-call!
The Call:
Hi (DM), __ with Regency360. I know I'm catching you in the middle of your day but I wanted to see what your availability is for this coming ___.

What Company is This? (who the hell is this?)

(empathic tone - goal: come across like you make this call over and over)
Sure. Let back up up a step - Regency360 works with (companies with similar specs as their biz/name drop) to (pick a solve that you found from your investigative call)

Quick Question
- "Let me ask you.." (confirm a fact that you will get a yes based on invs call)
"My understanding is that...Does that sound right?"

"That's really why I reached out to you - we've been able to...(pick one)
Reduce the hassle of (low orders, payment processing. Inventory, shipping and reshipping)
Virtually eliminate all the manual processes for your admin folks (such as)
Significantly increase the participation of the field and in turn generate high compliance and brand consistency

I typically meet with the (title) like you by phone conference and I wanted to see if you had less than 20 minutes on the 22nd at about this time?

Additional techniques when you get resistance:
Ask questions and paint pictures:
Does this sound familiar… (paint a picture of the chaos associated with multiple users, vendors locations on a system)
Then reclose


Target Market
Call to Action:
Platform at no charge for the next year
Call to Action:
Platform at no charge for the next year
Inventory & Fulfillment
Call to Action:
No storage fees for the next year
Launch Pads
Call to Action:
No storage fees for the next year
Touch 5
W2P Case Study
Billing Solutions #1
Consolidate your non-core procurement invoices into one summary bill
Call to Action:
2% rebate back at the end of the year
Billing #2
Allocate costs at the point of purchase
Call to action:
2% Rebate back at the end of the year
Billing #3
Upload a CSV file into your software
Call to action:
2% Rebate back at the end of the year
Spend Management Solutions
Call to Action:
2% rebate back at the end of the year
Touch 10
Billing Case Study
Customized Apparel & Uniform Programs
Work with all of the top brands including: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour...
Call to Action:
Customized store platform at no charge for the next year
Promotional Products
As one of the largest distributors in the country we have discount programs available with all of the major manufacturers
Call to Action:
No setup charges and free samples
Large Purchase
Take a step back: "Obviously my timing is off. Save this in a vendor file. Call me the next time you have a large purchase. I'll give it to you at my cost.
Call to action:
Next large purchase at my cost
Apparel/Promo Case Study

Accounts payable, please.
Hello, My name is with Regency do you have a minute? Don’t worry I’m not calling about an invoice…
I want to send an information packet about our business model, but I wasn’t sure on who to send it attention to.
Who’s your (CFO/Controller)?
Your (CFO/Controller) is _____ right?

Ok great, thank you.
(Next - Tell them they're important - AP is a thankless job!)
You’re probably wondering why I’m calling I wanted to reach out to you first because what you do is a critical part of the business, you know a lot about the day to day process and you’re on the front line of incoming expenses….

But I want to make sure what I’m sending (CFO/Controller’s name) is applicable, so I have few questions….
What do you use for AP software? (we can integrate with pretty much anything out there)
Please don’t laugh when I ask this but how many invoices are processing per week? Per month?
How are your expenses allocated? By location? Dept? Combination of both?
With the various vendors you're using for marketing materials for example...
What does the invoice reconciliation process look like? Are they signed for by anyone? Tracking down to see if "ok to pay"?
Are you coding them manually after they arrived? Have issues with sales tax and tracking use tax?
How often? How much time are you spending on these invoices?

If knowledgeable and open - keep digging! Ask for them to transfer you if they can!

SUBJECT: Per my voicemail


I wanted to follow up on the voicemail I just left you regarding Regency's company store platform. Attached is some additional information about this platform that is currently being used by over half of the Fortune 500. The nice thing is that Regency has been able to provide this platform to small and medium size businesses across the country.

We work with a number of clients in your industry and I would love to show you the benefits we could provide. Give me a call back and I will also show you how we can provide this platform at no charge for the next 12 months.


SUBJECT: Per my voicemail


One of the benefits of Regency's company store platform I mentioned in my previous messages is the ability to manage your prepaid inventory. Many of our clients love this application because it allows them to save money by purchasing in bulk while maintaining up to the second inventory visibility of the items stored at Regency's warehouse.

Attached is additional information.

Give me a call back to receive free storage for the next 12 months.

SUBJECT: Client Case Study


As usual I just left you a voicemail regarding Regency's company store. By now you are probably asking yourself, "would this really help my organization?"

I can tell you right now that we help clients in your industry across the country every day. Attached is a case study from one of our clients. I promise it will only take 2 minutes of your time and you will better understand the solutions we can provide.

At the end of the day, my goal is simple. I would like to open up a line of communication with you. Hopefully when the timing is right, Regency will have earned the opportunity to meet with you for 20 minutes to show you what we can do.

If you have a minute, please let me know your thoughts.

SUBJECT: Follow up on my voicemail


I just left you another voicemail regarding Regency's company store. On top of the benefits I previously mentioned many of our client's love the billing applications of the platform.

Attached is some additional information about these billing applications. Regency's platform allows our clients to
(consolidate the number of vendors they currently utilize and receive one monthly invoice, allocate costs at the point of purchase to save time and increase budget accuracy, receive a monthly invoice in multiple formats for an easy upload into their accounting software, increase their spend visibility and create a controlled purchasing environment)

Give me a call back and I'll show you how we have provided our client's an additional 2% rebate at the end of the year.

Phase 2
Touch 10
SUBJECT: Client Success Story


Hopefully you are starting to understand many of the benefits that Regency's company store can provide company's in your industry. With that said, attached is another case study to show how Regency's clients are saving time, increasing control, and solving issues that have been causing them headaches.

Again, when the timing is right I would love to show you what we could provide your organization.

Phase 3
Touches 11-14
SUBJECT: Voicemail follow up


By now I am sure you have figured out that I just left you a voicemail...so here comes the email follow up.

Attached is additional information about Regency's
(apparel, promotional items, large purchase)
program. On top of the company store we provide Regency continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing distributors of commercial print materials, custom apparel, and promotional products in the country. All of the items we provide can be placed on a client's company store platform for ongoing order needs.

If nothing else, please add me to your saved vendor files (hopefully you did that already) and give me a call the next time an need or large order pops up. I will provide you the first order at my cost. That is how confident I am in Regency's ability to help you out when given the opportunity.

Until my next voicemail, take care.
Veterinary Industry Info
Common DM's and Titles:

Common Challenges:

Common Solves:

Buzz Words:

Name Drops:

Industry Specific Items:

Demo sites:
Staffing Industry Info
Architecture/Engineering Industry Info
Engineering News Record
Online Publications / Industry Updates
Username: jfisher@regencyop.com
Password: Windycity14

Types of Firms
Industry Trends
Common DMs
Specific Items
Rommel Harley Davidson
username / password: rommeltest

Regency Auto Demo:
username / password: regautodemo

Anderson Automotive (9 Brands, 17 Locations)
username / password: andersontesttoyota
Watch Demo Videos, Great Example of Inventorying Vendor Neutral Product

Capital Automotive Group (8 Brands, 11 Locations)
username / password: cagtest
Demo for Ford Brand
(TNT is a Franchise of Regency Franchise Group)
Demo Sites
b2c organizations
Specific Items
Medix Workforce Solutions
15 Locations
username / password: medixtest

Surgeforce Group: (live account don't check out!)
100 Locations, 6 Brands
username: ahansel@surgeforcegroup.com
password: 123456

Demo Sites
American Staffing Association
(Regency is ASA member / supplier partner)
You can create your own log in with your regency email.
Search for Member Directory

Managing Multiple Brands / Brand Standards
Certifications on business cards, etc
On Boarding New Employees
Opening New Locations (this can be based on gaining new customers - need to conduct on site interviews / accepting applications)
Events / Trade shows
Associated Marketing Materials
Training / Education Materials for employees (temp to hire, etc)
Distribution & Fulfillment
Cost Allocation / Invoice Reconciliation
Growing Organizations & Cost Control
Controlled Access to Products by Brand
Templates that can be customized & controlled
On Demand & Inventory Products (On demand requires production time, inventoried can ship in 24 hours)
"Kitting" New Employee by Type, New location kits, Tradeshow Kit, New Client Kit...options are limitless
Inventory & Fulfillment, online visbility
Allocate at the point of purchase
Single Shopping Cart for Everything
One Site, One Process, One Invoice
Consultative Support, Cost Control
Types of recruiting services offered = multiple divisions and potentially multiple brands

Client Specific Materials Based On Recruiting Services Provided.
Training Materials for New Hires (Temp to Hires, etc)
Testing / Training Services
HR Services
Site Management
Standard Marketing Materials Needed for Client Acquisition / Education
Tradeshows / Proposals / Events


DMs / Titles
CFO / Controller
CMO /Marketing Director / Mgr.
COO / Operations Mgr.
Business Development Mgr.
Staffing Specialist
Workforce Manager
(Titles can vary)
Common DM's/Titles
Common DM's and Titles:
Director of Marketing
Director of Sales
Director of HR
Director of Brand Communications (larger organizations)
Common Challenges:
Business Cards: Accuracy of Licenses list on BC's
Maintaining consistency on proposals
Cost allocation (job costing/project allocation, etc.)
Quality high end promotional items that give off high end perceived value (if they are going after multi-million dollar (or more) jobs they don't want to be handing out cheap items)
Name Drops & Demo Sites
DLR Group
: http://www.regencybusinesssolutions.com/lp/dlrgroup/

Login: dlrdemo
PW: dlrdemo
(Order confirmations go to CB)

Olsson Associates
: http://www.regencybusinesssolutions.com/lp/olsson/



Small Companies:
HMN Architects
ACI Boland (engineering)
Hollis Miller Architects
Industry Overview:
Top Staffing Firms in US
American Institute of Architects


Touch 2
Company Store
Company Store
BE Smith
Buzz Words: Deltec Vision (AP/HR/CRM Platform)

Touch 11
Printing Services
Call to Action: 10 Hours of Free Graphic Design and No Setups for the Next Year
Full transcript