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Analyzing a Personal Narrative on Choice

Springboard Level 2 Unit 1.8

Amanda Vickers

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of Analyzing a Personal Narrative on Choice

Analyzing a Personal Narrative on Choice from Dust Tracks on a Road Tone Problems you may encounter when writing narratives: annotating the text Personal Application *Go back to your personal narrative draft.
*Underline words or phrases that indicate the tone of your piece. writer's or speaker's attitude towards a subject *underline the passages that show what happened, who was involved, and when and where the incident took place
*underline the parts that show the narrator's response to the incident
*bracket the passage that tells why this is a memorable incident for the speaker http://books.google.com/books?id=SNfoStBUQ4IC&lpg=PA39&dq=%22But%20nine%20months%20rolled%20around%2C%20and%20I%20just%20would%20not%20get%20on%20with%20the%20walking%20business%22&pg=PA39#v=onepage&q=%22But%20nine%20months%20rolled%20around,%20and%20I%20just%20would%20not%20get%20on%20with%20the%20walking%20business%22&f=false How does this selection qualify as a narrative? Dust Tracks on a Road incident response reflection Explain how this event deals with the concept of choice. Identify Hurston's attitude or tone towards the event she describes. circle words or phrases that support the tone you identified Revisiting an Essential Question How do authors use narrative elements to create a story?
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