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No description

Dhalia Gomez

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Emergency

Emergency Department: Problem 1
Francisco Lobatos
Jocelyne Tun
Dhalia Gomez
Physical Layout
Staffing & Departments
Patient 1: Hailey Simko (P16)
Patient 2: Wyatt Callaghan (P17)
Patient 3: Kayleigh Dubois (P13)
Documentation of Sources
Pill shaped
Patient rooms
Large hallways
Two floors
Emergent cases
Roof Landing
Walk-In, Ambulance Bay, and Helicopter Landing
Enhanced Surgical Table
Monitors vitals
Radiology QuikResult
Sends images to rooms
Bioluminescent dye
Staffing Schedule
Specialists Available
Surgeon, Oncologist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist
Staff Communication System
Patient Tracking System
Wristband with Barcodes
Fell off monkey bars, pain in left lower arm.
Diagnosis & Methods
Fractured radius & ulna
Treatment Plan & Refferals
Reffered to radiology (X-ray)
Possible surgery based on the type of fracture
Patient pinned by vehicle. Metal from vehicle lodged in chest. Trouble breathing.
Diagnosis & Methods
Punctured lung (CT Scan)
Internal Bleeding
Treatment Plan & Refferals
Surgery for Metal shards
Referred to radiology (CT Scan)
Complain of abnormal fatigue. Noticed palpable lump
Diagnosis & Methods
Cancer (MRI w/dye)
Treatment Plan & Refferals
Transfer to main hospital
Referred to oncologist
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"Our New Emergency Department Layout." Surrey Memorial Hospital Expansion RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2013. Available from: http://www.surreyhospital.ca/2013/06/11/our-new-emergency-department-layout/
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