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My Big Twitter Campus

No description

Laramy Wells

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of My Big Twitter Campus

Groups & Follow

That's What it is For!


Brand Yourself

Bundles & Resources
Achievements are an awesome option for engaging students and celebrating successes. Teachers can recognize the accomplishments of students, a Group, or even colleagues.
Connect, Educate, Reward
My Big

Best Practices
To begin, head to Drive in the left navigation menu.
1. At the top of the screen, select Achievements in the right navigation. (Alternatively, you can click New, and select New Achievement)
2. Click New Achievement.
3. Name the Achievement. Give it a description and choose a graphic to complement the award.
4. Hit Save.
The Achievements you create are accessible for editing and awarding in a couple of ways.
Get Consensus for Awarding Criteria
Meet with PLCs
Guidelines on which assignments, projects, behaviors qualify
What level of accomplishment needs to be reached.
Timeline for awarding badges
Communicate with Students
Post badges in your room
Provide a rubric with the criteria
Tie these free incentives into bigger classroom policies.
Let them know when they can expect to see the badges.
Tips and Tricks
Use badges as a regular part of your achievement plan.
Use terms such as "outstanding" or "mastery" in your description.
Steer clear of posting numeric values.
Think of a way every student could possibly earn a badge.
Have fun and show your own enthusiasm!
Select a Badge to Award, Edit, or Delete.
From the Drive List...
Discussions and Messages
Use Bundles for online lessons and modules.
Use Resources to share files.
Practice Quizzes, Review Assignments, Take-home Assessments
Students can use Drive to store files for access from anywhere.
Keep students in the loop. Post quiz and test dates, due dates, reminders of presentations, and other important dates.
Discussions are terrific for continuing the "smart-talk" 24/7.
Messages allow that one-on-one connection.
Select "Award" from Drive as seen in the last section.
Search for the individual or group to be awarded.
Add the desired recipient(s).
Award Achievement
Create a Group for...
Grade Level
Groups are the ideal way of communicating and distributing information to a group of people. Share resources, post announcements, and create calendar events.
To avoid receiving too many emails, be sure to manage your notification preferences.
Following someone adds their public wall posts to your Activity page. Group posts from shared groups will also be seen.
Users must be approved in order to follow someone.
Follow other innovative teachers to snag fresh ideas for your classroom.
Create a teacher/professional account.
Personal Account
Professional Account
Teacher Account
Switch between accounts via the Twitter app
Manage accounts through sites like Hootsuite
Members of PLCs
Experts/Educational Accounts












Push out the standards so they know before entering the room.
Ask Essential Questions
So Much Learning in 140 Characters
Put your Board on Twitter!!
Provide proper vocabulary and definitions
Using a Back Channel saves questions for when there is time to answer them.
Instant Student Feedback
Discuss the State of the Union as it's happening!
Respond to something the moment it happens!
NOTE: Hashtags are important as you will not be the only ones doing this.
Photo Projects
Show Progress
Field Trips
Scavenger Hunt
Collaborative Event Watching
Praise in the Palm of Your Hand
Achievements & Acknowledgments
People LOVE to be retweeted.
Retweet student responses to questions or when they post a great question.
Retweet when they just say something positive.
Tips and Tricks
Be consistent but spontaneous.
Twitter is public so be sure you have appropriate permission.
Thank people when they follow you.
Set clear rules with students.
Have fun and show your own enthusiasm!
Notify students when you have awarded Badges on MBC
Acknowledge students for achievements in clubs or sports
Post pictures!!
My students pose with belts recognizing an accomplishment.
Link Your Accounts!
Accessed by clicking your name in the top right corner and selecting "Applications."
My Big Campus does not update your Twitter feed in real time. Updates are sent to Twitter approximately every 10 minutes.
And the ever important @tech_superman
5 Tips to Tweet Better
To Tweet or Not to Tweet
An Educators A-Z of Twitter
Support My Team
Sonya Miller is presenting on using Instagram in A-13!!
Laramy Wells
Superman of Tech

or #marshmellowfence
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