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Why did you migrate to californa

No description

John Miller

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Why did you migrate to californa

Why did you migrate to californa
What route did you take to get to your new home.
Where in Californa did you go and why
I am from mexico jalesco in 2031 and i am 25 and i am going to go visit my family that is at california.
I got there by a airplane and when i got there i was so happy and then i peed and i gave my hole
I went to vista and i sall a lot of people i did not know at lest i saide hi and they saide hi back then i sall my family and i gave thtem all a big hug and the reson i went to vista is because that is were my family livse at i leke that place to because i love them and that place is vista the same place at were i was born and i love
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