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No description

Alida Cortez

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Wi-fi

Wifi By:Alida Cortez:) When was your invention invented? Who was it invented by?
What is the main reason your invention was invented? Are there similar products? How have the sales of your invention changed over time? Who has your invention impacted? Has it been in a good way or bad? How has your invention changed over time? Does it still exist? So any device can connect to the internet. So where ever you are at you can access the internet with any device you have, It has allowed people to connect to wire less internet where ever they are at. It has been go, because people catch up on what's new.They can also check there Facebook's and stuff. 3g and 4g. It is similar to radio signal, but it is kinda different then it. It has made it easier for people to use the internet when they are out on a trip or at work. You can access wifi with your electronics, phones, ipods, and ipads etc. Wifi still exist and will probably exist for a while. Is there a story behind it?

WiFi (or Wi-Fi) is short for Wireless Fidelity. WiFi is a wireless networking technology that allows computers, ipads, and games (etc) to use wireless internet. 1991 by the military.
Vic Hayes "the father of wifi", who worked for NCR Corporation/AT&T at that time. If you could add something to your invention what would it be? Nothing really because you really can't change anything about wifi. You can get free wifi where ever you go like restaurants, stores, airports etc.
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