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Kara Monteggia- Nowhere To Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Kara Monteggia- Nowhere To Call Home

Frankie and Junius talk about hobo's
Frankie thinks it sounds fun to be a hobo
Mrs. Bailey is mad at Junius and Frankie for wanting to be "bums."
Frankie is taken to the train station to go to her aunt's house.
Frankie starts to hate her father, and call him "coward".
Chapter 4 & 5
It is revealed that Frankie's mom is dead, and not missing.
All of the workers are sad about Mr. Barrow's death.
Frankie doesn't know how to feel about her father's death
Chapter 3
Historical facts were described: Banks foreclosed houses.
Even millionaires were becoming poor.
Most servants didn't have anybody or anything once they were laid off.
The word Bo' means hobo
Chapter 2

Frankie's father commits suicide in his house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Frankie is left an orphan and penniless
Chapter 1
Black Tuesday and Black Thursday recently happened
Now in Great Depression
Lots of lost jobs
Stock Market crashed
Bankrupt businesses
Kara Monteggia
Chapter 6 & 7
Frankie decides that she wants to be a hobo
Frankie sells her ticket that she was supposed to use to go to her aunt's
She cuts her hair and buys "boy" clothes to disguise herself
Frankie catches a train and meets a 15 year old hobo named Stewpot
Stewpot gives Frankie the nickname Frankie Blue
Chapters 8-10
Frankie and Stewpot arrive in Pittsburg
They go to a "hobo jungle"
There is two girls at the jungle, Vera and Dot
Frankie feels jealous when Stewpot says Vera is beautiful
Frankie and Stewpot are becoming good friends
Frankie can't ever remember feeling happier
Frankie gets her first "job"
Chapters 11-13
Some of the items in Frankie's bag at the hobo jungle are stolen (silver-trimmed brush, comb, mirror, and the sewing kit with silver scissors)
Frankie bought a knife for $0.25
Frankie hopped her 1st train
Stewpot and Frankie jump on a train that has a lot of oranges
They eat oranges
Chapters 14-16
Frankie and Stewpot are on a train going to Cincinnati
Frankie finds out Stewpot is really good at whittling wood
Frankie jumps off her first train
Frankie and Stewpot see a hobo sign, a cat
They are invited into a woman's house, and are fed bacon, eggs, and toast
The woman gives Frankie new pants
Cat Hobo Sign
Chapters 25-26
Chapters 17-19
Chapters 20-24
Murph was said to have died by drowning in his own puke at a Detroit flophouse
Frankie reveals she is a girl
Stewpot's name is James "Jamie" Haskell
Frankie and Stewpot are arrested
Frankie flirted with
Stewpot is sick
Frankie buys several things with her money such as, blankets, gloves, and medicine for Stewpot
Frankie and Stewpot see the Rocky Mountains
Stewpot is coughing up blood
Stewpot is diagnosed with pneumonia
Frankie gets a cab to go to the hospital, but Stewpot is already dead

Frankie buys a one-way ticket to Chicago
Frankie arrives at her aunt's house
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