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How To REad Literature Like A professor

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Ravin Webster

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of How To REad Literature Like A professor

How To Read Literature Like A professor
Thomas C. Foster



Destiny H,

Arlise H,

& Ravin W.
Chapter 11:

...More than it's gonna hurt you:Concerning Violence

Different levels of Violence:

There are different levels of violence that authors try to give us. It goes deeper than just the "good guy" and "bad guy" routine.
One example of deeper violence is: Verbal Violence almost like the author is throwing punches with his word choice.(Including figurative language)
Different Levels of Violent cont...
In everyday life EVERYTHING has some type of violence in correlation, a famous but often looked over example of verbal violence and "underlying violence" is the bible.
In relation to modern day, another example of "underlying violence" is T.V, Movies, and Video Games for minors or little children.
Children see up to 8,000 violent images (on average) a day.
Different Levels of Violence cont...
In literature, and media, violence is a necessary part of the plot. Everything is done on purpose, whether the character is in conflict with him/her self, or the classic good and evil have to battle it out.
Seeing movies (with real life actors) puts people into a more suspenseful feel towards the movie or T.V show which is just what the author wants you to feel.
There are two types of violence in literature:
1) specific injury on one another or self

2) Narrative Violence: harm caused to a character not by fault of a specific person but just because that's how the author made it happen.... like a disease.

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Violence in real life is out of aggression.
In literature violence has a symbolic and deeper meaning.

Whenever violence occurs ask yourself these questions:
1)What does this type of misfortune represent thematically?
2)What famous or mythic death does this one resemble?
3)Why this sort of violence and not some other?

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Chapter 12:
Is That A Symbol?
What is Symbolism?

Symbolism: The use of symbols (concrete objects) to
represent abstract ideas and emotions however cannot be reduced to stand for only one thing. It must have a range of possible meanings & interpretations.

Every reader's experience of every work is unique, largely because each person will emphasize various elements to differing degrees, and those differences will cause certain features of the text to become more or less pronounced.
If something stands for one thing, it isn't symbolism. it's.......
Allegories have one mission to accomplish- to convey a certain message... and only one!



The Lamb

In Islam, as in Christianity, the lamb signifies the sacrifice of an innocent. Amir describes both Hassan and Sohrab as looking like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. During Hassan’s rape,Amir says Hassan resembled the lamb they kill during the Muslim celebration of Eid Al-Adha, which honors Abraham’s near sacrifice of his son for God. He also describes Sohrab as looking like a slaughter sheep when he first sees Sohrab with Assef. Assef and the others had put mascara on Sohrab’s eyes, just as Amir says the mullah used to do to the sheep before slitting its throat. Both Hassan and Sohrab are innocents who are figuratively sacrificed by being raped, but these sacrifices have very different meanings. In Hassan’s case, Amir sacrifices him for the blue kite. But in Sohrab’s case, Amir is the one who stops his sexual abuse. In Kite Runner, sacrifice is the exploitation of an innocent.
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People often expect symbols to be objects and images rather then events or actions, literal readers can miss symbolic levels of text entirely.

The story of Animal Farm is all an allegorical text for the Russian Revolution. George Orwell tells us that revolutions inevitably fail because those who come to power are corrupted by it and reject the values and principles that are initially embraced.
What impacts a reader's understanding of symbolic meaning?
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CHAPTER 13 : It's All political
A readers' understanding of symbolism is effected by how the reader engages in the text.
Every person has different experiences and brings their own history to the reading. With different aspect on life, certain features in the reading will stand out to some more than others. Every individual has their own way of interpreting things, and their individuality will impact how they understand the text.
ALL IN ALL......
Authors include social criticism in their writings
mainly through a movement, a belief, or even an issue and they represent it through their characters.
For example, Foster explained that Dicken's expressed the issue of attitudes towards the less fortunate through Scrooge in the story A Christmas Carol, which was and still is a big issue to this day.
According to Foster, symbolism cannot be reduced to only standing for one thing, it is too complex.

Allegory, on the other hand, can have a single meaning.

You must break symbolism down to make it manageable. It is necessary to think about it freely and get your thoughts organized or grouped based on various ideas. He also emphasizes the importance of questioning the text. Though you may have an instinct about what something means, you have to practice and acquire the ability of being able to delve into the text.
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"If they would rather die, .... they had better
do it, and decrease the excess population."

This shows the attitude that people had towards the less fortunate.
Authors include social criticism because it makes their work more interesting.
Foster said that " writing that engages the realities of it's world-that thinks about human problems, including those in social and political realm, that addresses the rights of persons and wrongs of those in power-can be not only interesting, but hugely compelling (110). he also said "overly political writing can be one-dimensional, simplistic, reductionist, preachy, and dull.
Some common political realities that
writers tackle are ...
Power structures
Relations among classes
Issues of justice and rights
Interactions between sexes
Interactions among various racial and ethic constituencies
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Pretty Please .
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