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Typhoid Fever

By: Aida Cesko, Aida Junuzovic, and Melisa Mehmedovic

Melisa Mehmedovic

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Typhoid Fever

Typhoid Fever
Frank McCourt was born August 19, 1930 in Brooklyn, New York.
At the age of four, McCourt moved back to Ireland with his parents and siblings to escape poverty to only have it worse in Ireland.
Frank was exposed to Typhoid Fever and spent months in a fever hospital, where he spent his time reading poetry.
At the age of 19, Frank moved back to New York to work and go to school.
He graduated NYU and taught at various schools.
Author info

Typhoid fever is a short story from the book Angela’s Ashes. It is based on the author’s, Frank McCourt, experience while in a fever hospital. The story is about a young boy named Frankie who has Typhoid fever and is staying at a fever hospital in Ireland in the 1930s. While there, he befriends a girl named Patricia who has diphtheria. They talk all the time and she introduces him to poetry and Shakespeare. They also befriend a man named Seamus who cleans the hospital. The nurses at the hospital do not like their patients to talk and Frankie eventually gets moved to the upstairs ward of the hospital because he and Patricia keep on talking. He is alone up there and only gets company from Seamus three times a week. Frankie soon learns from Seamus that Patricia died while trying to walk to the bathroom and falling on the floor. Frankie is sad that she died, but what bothers him more is that he did not get to hear the end of one of the poems that she read to him. At the end of the story, Seamus tells him the ending of the story and promises to bring back more stories to tell Frankie.
Character list
Literary Elements
1st person point of view
Comic Relief
Frankie McCourt
Patricia Madigan
Sister Rita

A visual description or figurative language.

Example: "I don't want the ghosts of children with green mounths pointing bony fingers at me and clamoring for bits of my choccolate bar." (McCourt, 370-371).
When the author describes and introdues characters.

Example: "My name is Patricia Madigan. I'll be fourteen in September. I have diphtheria and something else." (McCourt 366).

Figure of speech that makes a reference to a person, place, or something that happened.

Example: "The history writer says this is what Catherine, who is a wife of Henry the Eighth, says to Caridnal Wolsey, who is trying to have her head cut off." (McCourt 368).
First Person Point of View

Narration from the perspection of "I" or "We."

Example: "The book tells me all about King Alfred and William the Conqueror and all the kinds and queens down to Edward." (McCourt 368).
Comic Relief
Relief from tension caused by the introduction of a comic element.

Example: "I've been walking since I was a baby but when the nurse stands me by the side of the bed I fall to the floor and th nurse laughs, See, you're a baby again". (McCourt 370).
By: Aida Cesko, Aida Junuzovic, and
Melisa Mehmedovic
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