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My better half: The foil of Gilgamesh

No description

Ebone Evans

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of My better half: The foil of Gilgamesh

My Better Half The foil of Gilgamesh "Now create his equale; let it be as like him as his own reflection, his second self, stormy heart for stormy heart." (p.13) Reflection Stormy heart The Epic of Enkidu Strong bond...attraction formed Hidden Goal Become Gilgamesh's "partner" 1. God's give him feminine traits "He had hair like a woman. It waved like hair of Nisaba." (p.13) II. Gilgamesh's Dreams "I was full of joy [...] and one, a meteor of the stuff of Anu, fell down from the heaven [...] and to me its ATTRACTION was like the LOVE of WOMAN." (p.15)

"There lay an axe [...] I saw it and was glad. I bent down, DEEPLY DRAWN towards it; I LOVED it like a WOMAN." (p.15) Love him as a woman Enkidu will never forsake him Faithful Comforter Conflict: Man vs Man Gilgamesh's strength was greater Fury dies Enkidu plays a subordinate sexual role Gender roles Male: Gilgamesh Female: Enkidu Initiates and ends sexual activity Sexually aggressive Emotional debt Decision maker Act less readily to sexual desires "The eyes of Enkidu were full of tears and his heart was sick." (p.17) Background of Homosexuality Earliest references
in Mesopotomaian
and Egyptian cultures Homosexuality
was not immoral Intrigued
by body The Epic of Gilgames displays Homoerotic content Values Enkidu's values are clear Values his relationship with Gilgamesh
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