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Mobile Payment

No description

Alexandra Ranasinghe

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Mobile Payment

Mobile wallet payment platform.

Pay with a PayPal account, credit/debit card, bank account...

Deals and discounts automatically applied when you pay

ordering, coupons and paying within PayPal's merchant network.
1. list of nearby merchants that accept PayPal - search for specific stores.

2. Choose the place - check in on the app - add any offers from that store

3.Checking : app demand your PIN to unlock your wallet.

4. Your photo is beamed to the merchant's POS screen or smartphone.
Adding mobile wallet
You can pay with a PayPal account, a credit or debit card, bank account or a line of Bill Me Later credit that can be applied for within the app.
Check your paypal account balance and see the operations you’ve made.
Make P2P money transfer
Pay back a friend whether they have a paypal account or not.
Receive money from a friend
The PayPal app incorporates deals and discounts that are automatically applied when you pay.

Ordering, coupons and paying within PayPal's merchant network.

V- Automatically-applied deals and discounts

PayPal Here
PayPal Here: Mobile payment solution with a small card reader for your iPhone, Android or iPad.

You can accept multiple forms of payment anytime, anywhere

Accept Credit & Debit Cards.

Record and track all your cash sales right
on the spot.

Accept Checks

Mobile Payments

Invoice payments
Main Functions
Free to sign up, no contracts or
monthly fees.

Purchase the card reader: $15.

The cost of using the card processing service: 2.7 %
PayPal Here
Strength - Weakness
The concept

Mobile payment system that allows its users to store debit, credit and loyalty cards.

4 main fonctions:
payment cards- rewards cards-offers-transactions

Google wallet can use NFC (enable secure payment via encoding and embedded encryption).
Payment cards
You can carry all your payment, loyalty cards and offers in one place
Paym is a new free P2P: send or receive money safely using a mobile number.

3 main fonctions:
Paym: The concept
II- Operation of Paym payment system

Only 400,000 people have registered for the launch of Paym

Paym is different : you don't need to register into a specific bank or to open an account to use this service.

There are no more boundaries of bank network/service.

Send money
Google wallet card
Access it instantly to you wallet balance with the Google Wallet Card.

Purchase in stores by swiping the card at MasterCard locations, or you can withdraw cash from ATMs.

Transfer the money to your bank account.
Strength- Weakness
Carry all your google offers on your phone when you shop.
-Send money to anyone in the US with an email address.

-It's free to send from your bank account or wallet balance

-It's free to receive
The concept
Exchange payments with people in your social circles via smartphone

The app link your Facebook friend and email contact to your bank account

It's free to download and to use for debit cards or Venmo balance
Send money
Sending money is free (bank account, supported debit card or Venmo balance).
Strength - Weakness
long term strategy:
-Focus on making sure their platform is safe and secure
-New technique: Mobile engineering
-Reducing delivery schedule and maximizing their code by using Git Hub.
Long term strategy:

-Leverage data for competitive offers
-Google wallet introduced its instant buy API to speed up and enhance the mobile checkout.
Google walllet
-safe and secure
-Paym is convenient and simple to use
-It’s fast, payment will be as fast as they are today for internet banking and in most cases be made almost immediately.
Credit card: 3% fee
Receiving money is always free
Transfer money you receive in your
venmo account balance to your bank
account overnight
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