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Mindanao River Basin

No description

Jasper Cristobal

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Mindanao River Basin

Mindanao Development Authority
Kitanglad Mountain Range
Pantaron Mountain Range
Mapantao Mountain Range
Daguma Mountain Range
Mountain Range
Integrated Natural Resources and
Environment Management Project
Two problems to be addressed
Bank erosion or local scouring; and
Decreasing river capacity due to
sediment deposition.
Rio Grande de Mindanao
> 7.5 km stretch of Rio Grande
from Delta Bridge (Sta 7+700)
downstream to river mouth
(Sta 0+200)
> Channel width the same as
existing channel to minimize
land acquisition
> Side slope is 2:1, slope cut
down to design riverbed
According to the study conducted
by Dr. Tabios (Sediment Control
and Reservoir Management of
Pulangi IV) of UP College of
> estimated 1,200,000 cubic meter
of sediments received by powerplant
>23,000,000 cubic meter of the
reservoir's 67,000,000 cubic
meter or 34.33% is already filled
with silt.
Flood Prone Area
Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental
Cagayan de Oro City
Flood Prone Areas
source:BBC News
source:Titus Velez
source:INREMP Project
source: gmanetwork
Liguasan Marsh
Pulangui River
Ala River
Ambal-Simuay River
Rio Grande
Dredging Pulangi IV
sample image of
source: marinduque blogspot
Dredging using watermaster
Mindanao River Basin
Dredging will
help Pulangi IV
achieve and maintain
its installed/generating
capacity of 250MW
for a longer
period of time
Mindanao River Basin
Pulangi IV
Cotabato City
source: gensantos.com
Ragang Volcanic Complex
Kitanglad Mountain Range
Apo Volcano
Kalatungan Volcano
Calayo Volcano
Matutum Volcano
Parker Volcano
Bagombong Plants (Phragmites australis) are dominant in littoral zone of rivers and in shallower areas of the marsh
Widening of the newly constructed cutoff
channel from 60m to 270m,
to accomodate the design discharge and divert flood to Illana Bay.

Construction of 7.7Km dike on the left side
and 7.93Km on the right side.

Construction of 14Km right bank dike with revetments to protect Lambayong area.

Construction of 4.7km dike with steel sheet piles on the left side of Tunggol floodway and 2.8km on right side.

Extension of Tunggol bridge from 107m to 322m.
Pulangi River
Project Cost: Php 2.75B
Project Cost: Php 2.1B
Project Cost: Php 3.2B
Project Cost: Php 501M
Ambal - Simuay River
Biodiversity and Watersheds Improved
for Stronger Economy and
Ecosystem Resilience
>Proclamation of protection forest as part
of WFR and/or NIPAS.

>Declaration of forest reserve with slope greater than 18% as protection forest and areas with slope less than 18% as production forest.

>Livelihood programs in place benefitting stakeholders

>Hectarage of erosion-free reserve forest
Mindanao River Basin

>Largest river basin in Mindanao
and second largest in the Philippines
>21%(21,503km2) of
Mindanao (102,021.92km2)
>20 sub-basins
>River passes through three(3) administrative regions (Region X, XII, and ARMM)
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