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Conflict Between Catholic and Protestant

No description

Noah Selda

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Conflict Between Catholic and Protestant

By Noah Selda
Conflict Between Catholic and Protestant
Irish Canadians are Canadians that can trace their ancestry back to Ireland. From 1825 to 1970, over 1.2 million Irish people immigrated to Canada. Mostly Protestant people immigrated to Canada before 1840, and after 1950, Catholic people mostly immigrated to the United States, although, Catholics arrived in large groups to Canada before they started to immigrate mostly to the United States.
The majority of Irish Catholics arrived on Grosse Isle: an Island in Quebec. This was because it housed the immigration reception station. Many of the families then moved to Canada West, which is now known as Ontario.
The Irish Catholics in Canada felt discriminated by the Acaidians. Thomas D'arcy McGee took a stand and became a father of Confederation in 1867. He helped to develop rights for minority Catholics in the Canadian Constitution, but was later assassinated by the anti- Catholic Orange Order.
Orange Order Flag
Orange Order
There was two sections of the Orange Order: Anti-Catholic and Loyal to Britain. They were both mainly in Ontario. The Orange Order pushed Irish Catholics north and west of Ontario. In Montreal 1853, the Orange Order organized speeches against Catholic, and the St. Patricks Day Parade in Toronto was eventually cut off.
Irish Catholics in Toronto
The Jubilee Riots of 1875 increased tension to it's highest. Catholics were considered a minority inside a huge Protestant population, which included a large group of Protestant British.
Catholic and Protestant Faith
Relationship Today
Today the relationship between Catholics and Protestants is much better, though there is still a little bit of tension because of different beliefs. Even though we have differences, we should still try and maintain a good relationship with each other.
Grosse Isle
Thomas D'arcy McGee
Tension Increases
The Anglicans urged the Acadians to remain on their farms in exchange for religious rights. The Acaidians grew more and more mad. The final straw was when the Anglicans forced the Acadians to swear loyalty to the British Crown.
French Retaliates
The French refused to swear loyalty to Britain, so the Anglicans let the issue go for the time being. The French then started to build the great naval fortress of Louisburg. The French then fortified Prince Edward Island, and Cape Breton Island.
Now that the French were rebelling, the British had trouble finding settlers to colonize Halifax. They solved this problem by involving Germans and Swiss. These 2700 people then settled in Halifax in 1750 and 1751. The British called these people "Foreign Protestants".
The French and British went to war and many Acaidians under British Control were sent away so they could not help France in the war.

Let's go back to the Irish Catholics.

French Canadians
French Canadians were mostly Catholic, like the Irish Canadians. The main difference was that French people lived mostly in Quebec, and Irish people lived mostly in Ontario.
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Nova Scotia
Acadians, or French Catholics, colonized Nova Scotia in the early 1600s. In 1713, the British, or the Anglicans, took over Nova Scotia under the treaty of Utrecht, therefore increasing the tension between Anglicans and Acaidians.
The majority of Protestants that immigrated to Canada were British. This contributed to discrimination against Irish and French Catholics.
Irish Canadians
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