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Salah El Din Mohamed Mostafa

No description

Salah Mostafa

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Salah El Din Mohamed Mostafa

Salah El Din Mohamed Mostafa
Prezume - 2014

Who am I?
A Marketing, Communications & PR professional with over 9 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Digital Interactive Media & Campaign Management
With extensive
knowledge in...
Social Media Management ...
Consumer Buying
Behavior ...
Professional Background ...
Bianchi - Sidi Abdel Rahman
Marketing & PR Manager
The most reputable Real-Estate brand alongside the Egyptian North Coast that is known for its highly selected and homogeneous community.

Also known for it's famous beach bar 'El Villa'
Account Director
First to introduce "Digital Interactive Advertising" to the Egyptian market, alongside all other advertising services to provide our clients with the ultimate solutions to their campaigns.
Main Accounts Handled ...
Van Gogh - Advertising
TNA - Omnicom Group
Senior Account Executive
Advertising and Media pioneer in Egypt with a portfolio of various reputable brands and now it is the leading full-fledged agency with a portfolio of the biggest accounts within the country (private & public).
Owner of 'Al Kahera Wa Al Nas' TV channel

Rotana Audiovisual
Marketing Supervisor
The Leading music production house in the MENA region, owner of the biggest Arabic film library in the world, a portfolio of over 140 stars from the entire region, 8 free-to-air TV channels, Film library and movie production, Festivals and Management, Magazine, Musical video production, Rotana Café and Rotana Radio.

The sole distributor of DVD & Blu-Ray discs produced by Walt Disney Studios, Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures in the region.
Summer training & Internships
Front Desk Agent
Marketing Executive

Mastering Marketing workshop certificate

Mastering Advertising workshop certificate
Marketing and Advertising
related certificates ...
Accomplishments & Awards
Best TV advertisements (Bronze Award) for the year 2007 by the 'International Advertising Association'

Client: C.A.P.M.A.S.

Purpose: Changing the behavior of the mass towards the client's representatives.
A member of the team that first introduced the 'Digital Interactive Advertising' concept to the Egyptian market, using the latest in high-tech equipment & sophisticated know-how...

We called it 'ZONE'

Our first ZONE network
included all 'On The Run'
branches in Egypt in
collaboration with EXXON Mobil.
Augmented Reality
The latest in the Advertising field

"Art must take reality
by surprise."

F Sagan
Augmented reality creates the most interactive and engaging link between the product/service and target segment by mixing the physical and digital worlds together ...
Got passion for ...
Guerrilla & Ambient Communication ...
It starts with a simple creative concept that passes through a developing process (based on the clients' needs and purposes behind their campaigns) to end up creating the Buzz! by which the company will have the impact desired on its target segment.

Directs the consumers' spending decision making process by forcing them (indirectly) to engage & interact (Experiential marketing) with the tools being used, giving them the opportunity to experience the products that the company is offering.

I find it very challenging and I believe that it needs highly creative talents to be able to deliver it in the proper way and have the desired impact.
In Collaboration With ...
Event Management Experience

Past employer "Bianchi For Real Estate
And Tourism Investment"
Bianchi Summer Heat Beach Party - Heineken
Roger Sanchez at El Villa Beach Bar - Bianchi
Bianchi Beach Bar 'El Villa' Closing Party (adaweyya and dina)
Heineken Pool Party at Bianchi Beach
Personal &
Contact Information
Address: Business bay - Dubai.

Telephone Numbers: +971526162925

Email: salahmoh83@gmail.com

Date of Birth: February 24th. 1983

Nationality: Egyptian

Gender: Male

Military status: Exempted

Marital status: Single
B2B - Du & Etisalat Channel Partner
Marketing Communications Manager - Dubai
Providing enterprises with the optimum telecom solutions for their businesses by offering GSM, Fixed & Cloud services that are provided by both operators (Du & Etisalat)
Interested ... ?
Strategic Planning ...
Offline Digital
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