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No description

Sun Roy

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of 3D-Printing

MGNT4010-Project Presentation 3D-Printing Let's begin with... 3D Printing Technology Disadvantages External environment:
manufacturing for medical devices, aerospace, fine art, motor vehicles and more…
Low MakerBot Holds 21.6% shares in the 3D printing industry in 2011 Strategic Issue New
Technology MakerBot Strategy Integrated Cost Leadership/Differentiation Strategy Presenters:
Jane, Jasmine, Jessica, Danny, Roy, Thomas Weaknesses
Low-volume production
Max. number of a combination of 2 materials Low High Moderate Low Five Forces Model Sold over 13,000 desktop 3D printers Retail store located on 298 Mulberry Street Manhattan - “seeing is believing” New
Business Model Disruptive
Market Uncertainty &
Low Awareness Never Heard of 3D Printing Before!! I think 3D Printing is going to be an economic game changer in ways no one really knows yet! Even its capabilities are limited, more research is needed! MakerBot Above-average returns
speed and scope of
product innovation!! Disruptive technology
Abuse of the technology ATTRACTIVE INDUSTRY! MakerBot's goal is bringing desktop 3D printing into the home at an affordable price

Before we make 3D printing cheap, we have to make it excellent.
Thingiverse Makermusic Makerscanner US Elementary School Flexiblity Recommendation Developing user friendly software with an easier learning curve. Makerware: Most 3D modeling programs have a fairly steep learning curve that can be intimidating to beginners." - Makerbot Wiki Thank you for watching!
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