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Managing Change and Leading the way to Success

No description

Tim Goodale

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Managing Change and Leading the way to Success

Managing Organizational Change
Tips For Leading Your Team In Times of Change
What is Organizational Change?
Organizational change occurs when a company makes a transition from its current state to some desired future state.
Why Do Companies Change?
Why Are We Changing Now?
Performance Gap
Customer Needs
Strategic Focus
Improve Accountability
Many experts use the term "performance gap" to describe the difference between a company's actual performance and what they are capable of.
Strengthen Managerial Impact
Performance Gap
Managing Change
Develop a Network
Keep in contact with your peers. A strong network can be a valuable source of support in times of change. Share ideas, give feedback, and work as a team.
Learn New Skills
Ongoing training will add skills to your professional tool kit and make you feel more competent and confident. Always be open to constructive feedback and take steps to improve.

Evaluate Yourself
How am I responding? What ideas can you present that will help with the change? What can you do to help your boss or peers and at the same time make yourself more valuable? Am I a positive contributor to the team goals? Am I doing all that I can to be successful in my current position?
Cultivate Optimism
Research shows optimists get paid more, are healthier, win more elections, live longer, and are better at dealing with uncertainty and change.
Take Action
Much of the stress brought about by change comes from feeling that things are out of our control. Focus on what you can control and then take action to produce the best results possible. Action is the foundational key to all success.
Make the most of the opportunity
Consider Others
Change rarely affects one person; in most cases it affects many people at once. Reach out to your peers and learn what challenges they are facing. Be compassionate to their challenges, support each other, and work together.
Buy in to and embrace change as a positive.
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