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Dance Fever

No description

jiho kim

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Dance Fever

Dance Fever
By. Brian Seibert

Swing Out!
In the 1920s, many African Americans moved to Harlem. Many people made music and art.
George Snowdon was only five feet tall. He joined a group called The Jolly Fellows.Their favorite destination was savoy Ballroom. Every night musicians & dancers battle to see who was best. George Snowdon always won. He did a partner dance. His partner is Big Bea. And he started making up other crazy steps. It called Lindy Hop. They even danced in some movies. In 1930s and 1940s, his dancing was the nation's most popular dance.
Mambo Mania
In the 1950, Lations in New York had favorite destination for dancing. It called Palladium. The best bands played there. Dancers competed there. One of those dancers was Pedro Aguilar. He was called Pete. He entered in competition. Pete won a thousand dollars. Dance began to change his life. His dance was called the mambo. Mambo was a partner dance. Pete invented hundreds of steps. He borrowed some from swing or tap dancing. In the 1950 mambo was very popular.
What is dance?
Dancing is a way to have fun.
It is a way to exercise.
You can dance to express yourself.
Dancing is like telling a story with your body.
They are
George Snowdon and
Big Bea.
He was born in Puerto Rico.
He grew up in New York.
When he was five, his family had some trouble. so his family speraed.
Pete spent years trying to bring his family back together. And when he was 19, he reunited family.
His mother taught him some old Latin dance.
A musician saw Pete dance and entered Pete in a competition.
He won and the dance change his life .
He made hundreds of steps.
Pet and millie
Clowning Around
In the 1980s,South Central Los Angeles could be a tough place. Gangs ruled parts of the neighborhood. They could hurt for wearing the wrong color. Tommy Johnson grew up in that world. He joined a gang. But he decided to change his life. One day his friend needed a clown for a birthday party. So he dance. His dance was a mix of styles. He called it "clowing." Many people want to learn that dance. Tommy made rules for learning clowing dance. For example: They MUST go to school EVERY DAY, Earn GOOD GRADES and They could NOT BELONG TO GANGS. He became more famous even outside of Los Angeles.
Tommy Johnson
He joined a gang.
He went to jail for five years.
He made clowning dance.
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