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The Internship of a Lifetime

No description

Samantha Hodgson

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of The Internship of a Lifetime

The Internship of a Lifetime
NSA Naples, Italy - Fall 2015
It gave me the opportunity to become....
the SAC Director at NSA Naples, Italy!!!!
Teen Center, Youth Sports, SAC Center
Special Events:
Bowling against Bullying, Zombie 5K Run, Spooktacular
Creative and Artistic Input
Working with Youth of all ages
Leading Activities
My Past Experiences and MEIP
TRAVELING: Italy, Germany, Czech Republic
ADVENTURES: Skydiving, Cliff Jumping, Camping, Sightseeing
My Personal Experiences
Berlin, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic
Nettuno, Italy - Skydiving
Naples, Italy - Cliff Jumping
My Internship Experience
Projects and Events
My contribution to NSA Naples, Italy
How my past experiences applied to my internship
My Professional Development
My Personal Development
My Extra Experiences
How MEIP impacted me
Projects and Events
Zombie Volunteers
Fun at the Center
Substitute Teacher, Assistant Teacher in Child Care Centers, Camp Counselor, Project Y.E.S! Intern, Education Degree
My Contribution to NSA Naples, Italy
Worked wherever I was needed
Programming Ideas
Fresh Perspective
Planned and Prepared Special Events
Connected with Staff and Youth

Prague, Czech Republic - Segway Tour
My Professional Development
Job Applications
My Personal Development
As one chapter comes to an end, another begins...
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