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Joshua Thurmond

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of NCVC

denver To work with the community to create a model environment which offers outreach as well as innovative, specialized, seamless and integrated services to all victims of crime, helping to strengthen and restore the fabric of our community. MISSION A collaborative network that connect and supports agencies and communities to provide comprehensive, seamless, coordinated services to victims of crime What is VSN? *Denver VSN spent five years
implementing and testing collaboration
within an interdisciplinary victim services
framework Technology Minimizes duplication of services NO
DOOR for victims
of crime Appreciation of diversity Creative collaboration Victim-centered services Self Care in order to
ethical communication Conflict resolution Vicarious trauma ASL Interpreters Technology Response Protocol Domestic
violence Sexual assault Child sexual abuse Child forensic interviews Victimization of
elderly & disabled Building community-driven services Muslim community
Deaf/hard of hearing community
Elder abuse Bringing communities
to the criminal
justice table Institutional Change in “outreach” Training Curricula Cross Training Law school
Law enforcement
Online prosecutor training On-site tours
Agency mission
Agency values
Opportunity to
build relationships A shared vision Commitment Representation Decision making power Structure Resources Trust Lessons Learned Allow more time and resources than planned

Manage expectations

Strong Leadership

Clear and realistic goals and objectives

Utilize community expertise Establish a broad collaborative

Stay focused

Celebrate small successes This is VSN. Relationship
Building Marketing/
Awareness to
Community Technology Cross training
New employee orientation
VSN event
Maintain ED relationships Define target groups for outreach
Bring in new agencies
Messaging to community Revamp website for VSN member agencies/victims
Retool Resource Directory
Use technology to build and maintain relationships
PNET/Electronic notifications LEAA was
formed Colorado
for Victims VAWA Victim Bill of Rights

Victim Comp

VALE CVAC = Diverse Group of Crime Victims

CVAC = Represents the needs of many vicitms

CVAC = A voice for all victims in Denver

CVAC = Evolution of victim services Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The process of change is NOT self-initiating. Competence
Communication Research Cross-train Identify strengths and weaknesses Create powerful teams Acknowledge successes along the way Set goals and objectives Be systems orientated Determine readiness...Here we GO! Inclusiveness Training Launch Strategies Victim Witness Program

Denver SafeHouse

Denver general Hospital
Sexual Assault Volunteer Advocates Identity theft programs

Elder abuse

Mass terror response

Familial DNA

Multidisciplinary response Questions? Steve Siegel
srs@denverda.org THANK YOU! Family Justice Center Development Team Avon Women's Self-Sufficiency Project Planning for Partnerships J.C. Thurmond
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