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Eight Unique Features of E-commerce Technology

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ayse nur

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Eight Unique Features of E-commerce Technology

Reach: the number of user or customers an e-commerce business can obtain.

Traditional Commerce base on Television , Radio, Newspaper and Sales force.
Using Internet Commercial transactions to cross cultural and national boundaries

100 million customers | http://www.amazon.com/
1,310,000,000 Active Users | http://www.facebook.com/
Growing Mobile Social Network |smsall.pk (A messaging App) [National]
The Designers Mall | http://www.fashionsouk.com/ [Global Presence]

The complexity and content of a message

Traditional commerce national sales forces, and small retail stores have great richness face-to-face service using aural and visual cues when making a sale.

But there is Trade-off between richness and reach

Benefits of Richness

more information richness than traditional media
chatting with an online customer support person
sell ‘complex’ goods and services
Compare All (Prices, attributes, Services etc)

http://tcsconnect.com/nokia-lumia-1520.html | Product description, Vendor info, Compare Prices etc.
http://www.daraz.pk/ | Product Detail, Size, Color etc. ; Online Chat

Total amount and quality of information available to all market participants

Internet and the web vastly increase information density.
Ecommerce technologies reduce information collection, storage, processing, and communication costs.
Due to E-commerce Technologies information becomes more plentiful, less expensive and of higher quality.
Go to Amazon, Ebay or wallmart website you can find verity of products and prices.

Growth in information density could result in

Greater price transparency- for customers
Greater Cost transparency- for customers
Marketers to practice price discrimination (Segmentation)
http://www.statisticbrain.com/facebook-statistics/ | Data use for Segmentation


Eight Unique Features of E-commerce Technology
2.Global reach
3.Universal standards
4.Information richness
6.Information density
8.Social technology

Communication between the merchant and the consumer

Traditional commerce national sales forces, and small retail stores have great richness face-to-face service using aural and visual cues when making a sale.

Interactivity in E-Commerce

Customer Support | http://www.beliscity.com/support/index.php?a=add
Customer Reviews| http://www.tcsconnect.com
Feedback, FAQ’s, Newsletter Option | http://www.Dell.com/
E-mail Support | http://www.amazon.com
Live Help with customer representative | http://tcsconnect.com

It is available just about everywhere and at all times.

Market Place vs Market Space
Reduce Cognitive Energy (Advantage)

Accessing a bank account (24/7) | https://www.abl.com
Purchasing from Internet. | http://www.shophive.com/
Online Tracking | http://www.cargoserv.com/tracking.asp?Carrier=PK&Pfx=214
Online Ticket Reservation | www.piac.com.pk
Paying Utility Bills | https://epayment.ptcl.net.pk

Standards (i.e. INTERNET) shared by all nations around the world

Traditional commerce technologies differ from one nation to the next ( Radio, Newspaper, TV ) etc.

Using Internet Commercial transactions to cross cultural and national boundaries

Benefits of Universal Standards

Reduced search costs for consumers
simpler, faster, with more accurate price discovery
Lower market entry costs for merchants
find many of the suppliers, prices, and delivery terms of a specific product | https://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/

User content generation and social networking technologies.

socializing traditional e-commerce sites by integrating social elements into existing retail websites.

Social technologies are increasingly being used to connect with customers to build strong and lasting relationships, through ratings and reviews, blogs, Wiki’s, micro-blogging, forums and communities like Facebook. 

Social Media Examples
Facebook | plugins integration
Twitter | plugins integration
Pinterest | plugins integration
Google+ | plugins integration

: The targeting of marketing messages to specific individuals.

by adjusting the message to a person’s name, interest, and past purchases.

Examples:- 1. Product search history on amazon.com
2. Welcome message by name on Gmail.

Changing the delivered product or service by Customer.

Examples:- 1. Add Text or Images not included in the original design
2. Customize a laptop on Dell.com.
3. http://www.customink.com | Add Text , Color to customize Shirts.

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