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Hero Journey: Jumanji

No description

Jasmine Hughes

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Hero Journey: Jumanji

Hero Journey: Jumanji
By.Jasmine Hughes
The oridinary word
In jumanji the protagonist (alan) ordinary world is his family home New Hampshire
The call to adventure
The call to adventure is when the protagoinst discovery the game jumanji. And Alan and sarah start playing the game
Refusal of the call
As the protagonist and sarah playing jumanji they reach a point in the game where one of the game card send the protagnonist in Jumanji
Meeting the mentor
In Jumanji after 26 years two kids name Peter and Judy moved in the parrish house as in the house the child finds the game in the attic. When playing Peter roled a 5 and let out the protagonist Alan.
Crossing the Treshold
In jumanji there really wasnt s crossing the treshold because the protagonist never entered a new region
Tests, Allies and Enemies
The protagonist seek to find sarah so they can defeat the game so everthing can go back to normal.
The Approach
The apporach is when playingthe game judy her playing card made a mean lion come for her and man eating plant
The Ordeal
As proagonist playes jumanji a hunt comes out of jumanji to kill the protagonist
The Reward
In Jumanji the reward is when te protagonist lose the game stampeade of animal but goes thought a life or death places to get te game borad
The road back
I believe that the protagnist never had a road back because the never went to a special
The Resurrection
Alan had but 9 more space to go to reach jumanji. As the climax peter role seek danger of death to the protagnist . Before changing everything to normal the huntsman still seek to make the protagonist die.
Return with the elixer
As the resolution the protagonist defeat Jumanji and everything goes back to normal and put the where hopefully no one would find it
2 period
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