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Lesson Unit 9


josef tan

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Lesson Unit 9

Lesson Unit 9
Gentrification PRACTICE
Account for the location of different functions in the central city 1. instruction
2. subject
3. context
4. mark allocation VIDEO CLIPS
inner city decline
flagship project and heritage tourism IN SINGAPORE
Haji Lane
centralisation Re-urbanisation Gentrification CENTRALISATION Offices Retail Industries Inner CBD Outer CBD Industrial Zone OR
Transition Zone accessibility and prestige of the central location,,, important to employees, partners and clients accessible to most... near to offices... assures patronage relative accessibility... important to employees... promixity to shops... lowers transport costs... minimise late deliveries In Prose,
Offices are often located in the inner CBD as the excellent accessibility offered by the heart of the central location facilitates interaction between suppliers and their clients. This is especially vital to services that require frequent face-to-face meetings e.g. finance, legal and accounting services. Labour-related costs are also be minimised as firms save on transport allowances and other forms of monetary incentives that are needed to attract labour to more remote locations. Productivity is maximised as late-coming due to long travelling distances would be rare. appreciation
disappointment Gentle Reminders
pre-trip briefing, Fri 12pm, LT2
submit your take-home assignment 2 after lecture
no lecture next Monday :) i.e. reverse inner city decline
restore buildings/infrastructure
re-introduce services
creates employment
increase tax i.e. heighten tension between the 'haves & have-nots', increase the risk of social disorder CENTRIPETAL FORCES
high status groups central areas CONSEQUENCES
of gentrification WHO? WHERE? attractive employment opportunities (odd hours) in CBD young, single (or newly-wed)
inclined towards the arts and enjoy 'nightlife' development of cultural and entertainment facitlies service in the CENTRAL CITY e.g. museums, galleries and clubs
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