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Lincoln Leung

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of homeless

The Homeless are people who are just like you and me they are normal people.
Homeless people are people who had a great life at one time but now lost everything.
About 40% of the homeless are veterans.

The way of helping the homeless is to simply teach them to get back on there feet again by giving them food and a shelter another way is to donate to charities,after all we are Gods children and we need to treat others like we would like to be treated
What can we do
How many homeless are there?
Why they are homeless
The Homeless
The Problem
There is many people of all ages on the streets today.
We need to take action and help them but teenagers such as ourselves don't take action as much as before

Who are the Homeless?
There are many homeless around the world.
The main reason of why they are homeless is a lack of money, but how they became homeless is totally another story. there are 3 main reasons why:
Organizations who help the homeless people
There are many organizations who help the homeless people who are non-profit organizations.
Examples of these organizations are: PATH, Ladybug foundation, and Covenant House.
Path is a non-profit organization that helps homeless people. From January to December 31, they have sheltered 900 veterans, 630 family members, and 852 chronically homeless individuals.
Ladybug foundation
Covenant house
Covenant house is one of the most well known organizations. They have offices everywhere. They house kids on the streets who have most likely fled because of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. They house school age kids from about 13-19 years old.
They have 7 projects completed, 3 projects in construction, and 12 projects in development.
For people in families, this problem is usually caused by lack of affordable housing, poverty, or unemployment.
For singles, this problem is usually caused by substance abuse, lack of affordable housing, or mental illness
The Ladybug foundation began when a five year-old Hannah Taylor (now seventeen) saw a man digging in a dumpster on a cold winter day, and she was encouraged by her mother to help, so she started the Ladybug foundation.
The Ladybug foundation is another organization that helps homeless people on the streets, and is still quite small at the present.
Covenant house is North and Central America's largest and privately funded child and youth care agency.
Thank you for listening
and we hope you support the
There is an estimate of 3 million homeless in Europe, 100 000 in Australia. In the U.S. there is about 600 000 to 2.5 million homeless. Most of the homeless people are living in first world countries.
There is approximately 100 million homeless people worldwide, most of them are women and children, and there is an estimate of 200 000 people are homeless in Canada.
Help the poor on the streets.
1. He/She can't find a job
2.He/She was a veteran soldier from the army
3.He/She is too mentally ill or sick to have a job
Why should be we help them?
They are people who have lost everything: their house, their money, a sense of belonging. We should help them because they were once like us: living in nice, comfortable houses. They are unloved. Many people walk past them don't even blink an eye when they see a homeless person. Together we can help these people by giving them food and clothes, or by donating to food banks.
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