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The Star of David

No description

audie skweres

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The Star of David

The Star of David Has many different names, Magen David, Shield of David, hexagon, and Soloman's Seal. Both the triangles together represent unity and harmony. The triangle facing down represents female, while the right side up triangle stand for male. Menorah was the first Jewish symbol. In Prague "Magen David" was spread to the Jewish communities. The six point star was used to represent the Jewish communities as a whole, instead of them being separated. The six points symbolizes God's rule of universe in all six directions. Jews started looking for a symbol to represent themselves comparing to their Chirsitian neighbors. Hitler and the Nazis forced Jews to wear the star to identify them apart from people, this became the sign for Jewish people for the last two hundred years.
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