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How Historians Study the Past!

Exploring why we study the past and the historian's job


on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of How Historians Study the Past!

Why Study
the Past? What has
in the past affects... 1. Our present
our future because... 3. To learn about
and study society.

Historians ask questions about: Politics Religion Culture Economics What are some
that historians ask? How have groups or societies interacted, and what have been the results?
How have leaders governed societies?
How have belief systems developed and changed?
How have societies dealt with differences among their people?
How have societies tried to protect people's security?
How are societies similar and different? 2. To understand traditions Who studies the past? Let's talk about their job. The
Job Ask Questions Examine
evidence Tools and helps us to... oral history primary source secondary source must choose the most trustworthy evidence it is not always
easy to answer
historical questions
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