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erin steiermann

on 31 January 2018

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Transcript of Elections

Barack Obama, Democrat
Americans are members of political parties to share ideas with others who have similar beliefs.

political party
is a group of people with shared interests who try and get political power by electing members they support to public office.

party platform
is a written statement of the goals of a political party (this is also called an issue based platform).
Why do we have political parties?
2 major parties
The 2 major political parties in America are the Democrat and Republican party.

Democratic Party
believes that the federal government should take a more active role in people's lives, particularly those who are in need.

Republican Party
believes that the federal government should play a less active role in people's lives and that individuals can take care of themselves without government help.

no political party
There are also Independents- people involved in politics that are not affiliated to any political party.
How many parties do we have?
In America, we have a 2-party system- 2 political parties that are equal in strength.

There are also
third parties
, however- a political party that is not one of the two major parties in the country; a minor party.

- a person running for political office.

Essential Question:

How do canidates run for political office? What are the major political parties in the US?

Topic: Elections
3rd parties
The following are examples of 3rd parties in the United States:

Libertarian Party
: believes in individual freedom and believes the only purpose of government is to protect this freedom

Communist Party
: a political party that believes the government should control the entire economy, and there should be no private ownership of business

George Bush, Republican
Hillary Clinton, Democrat
Donkey- symbol of the Democrats
Elephant- symbol of the Republican party
Trusting our Government
Citizens want to make sure that the canidates they elect carry out their campaign promises. In bringing attention to the public about government actions, the people use their First Amendment rights to monitor and influence government.

Certain citizens, especially the media, act as
- a person or group who acts as a protector or guardian

People want to make sure that the issues politicians are adressing agree with the
public agenda
- a list of issues everyone agrees is a priority.

Influencing Politicians
Interest groups work to influence elected lawmakers.
Interest groups
are people who are concerned with a particular issue and who try to influence legislators to act in their favor.

Interest groups contain
- people who participates in activities in order to influence government officials.

Lobbyists and Interest groups are often funded by
PACs- Political action committees
. PACs are political organizations that promote the cause of a particular interest group, usually through raising money and campaigning to elect candidates who support the group's views.

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