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How the All blacks rugby team are represented in the media?

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on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of How the All blacks rugby team are represented in the media?

How the All Blacks rugby team is represented by the media?
As the All Blacks Rugby team has become the role model to our society,the media started to use their 'Role model' icon to represent them in different ways:
.They became the positive icon to the kids and public
.Brand of product to show positive information to the society
.The national icon for New Zealand

All Black as Role model by bring out National Icon of New Zealand
All blacks represented as Role model
Here is a video of a kid from primary school who says that the ex-coach ‘Sir Graham Henry’ is his role model.’”He is a rugby coach and an national hero, and he lead the All Blacks to the victory in the world cup in 2011. He also needed to shows excellent by not letting any of the team slack off the training, he also needed a bit of self control when he lost and being very frustrated . He is my role model because he won the world cup in 2011”. By Keegan(the boy in the video)
The words that this child said shows us how the all blacks and their coach has affected him , though the media, because of the successfulness of The All Blacks winning the World Cup. And also, The All blacks attitude to the sport which lead them to the victory has lead the kid to bring up the contribution of the All Blacks coach, who also became the role model of this child and inspires him want to be like them when he grows up.

'The way in which these guys have been greeted by the public is testament to the fact that they are more than just rugby players. They have represented their country brilliantly, both on and off the field, in a way which I believe has distinguished them as being particularly great role models for our children.'’ The massive effort to get kids around the country involved went a long way to squash my once “rugby-racing-beer-and-blokes” perception of the game.’ MELISSA MCDONNELL quoted in the article ‘Why All blacks are great model’.
These quotes bring out is how the All Blacks have changed the point of view of the sport to the New Zealand public. The All Blacks are represented as one of the strongest rugby teams in the world. The All Blacks are treated like role models to the New Zealand public, and because of this, they become no longer just the physical tough player’s in the rugby field , they now also have to display good personality and bring out positive images to the public and especially children. As such, they become role models for the entire family unit and they must now show loyalty and love within their own family units, so to be good inspiration for society and show children what they can be when they grow up and build up a good role model icon to the children of New Zealand.
The quote also brings out how The All Blacks efforts have helped change view points on stereo type rugby club behavior s, and it has helped to get the youth around New Zealand off the couch and into sport.

All Blacks as a role model by bring out positive message by Brand they are involved.

Advertising is a big part of selling a product through the media.
Since the All blacks have become the role model of the society and is one of the best Rugby team in the world,by using the role model icon by them to sell sporting product, or by using them as an role model icon for certain products, it will make the product more appealing with the sprite of the All Blacks . By wearing a Rugby tee shirt with All Blacks icon on it, it makes New Zealander feel proud and stronger and more connected to the All Blacks team because they are the role model that what we look up at . Because the All Blacks are perceived by public as trust-worthy, whatever message or product that they are promoting is also deemed to be trustworthy and believable.

.The New Zealand men's national rugby union team, known as the All Blacks, represent New Zealand in what is regarded as its national sport.
'The All Blacks has represented as the role model in media thought different way.

The All blacks have become the selling names and faces of products by being tough, strong, aggressive and successful men as in the advertisement above of Adidas, (one of the biggest sports brand in the world).’Black is thicker than blood’ with three masculine All Black players, holding each other’s shoulders made more effective and bold by the black and white photography shot. As quoted by Adidas, they effect the society by brings out the message that The All Blacks stand together and are united as a family while supporting each other’s back.
Adidas are trying to promote that ‘The All Blacks Jersey’ is not just a Jersey’, it represents the spirit of The All Blacks, it also promotes national and team pride, and becomes a instantly recognizable icon throughout the world, which once again makes people feel a part of the All Blacks family and they buy more product .
As The All Blacks have become the role model in the New Zealand society,they started to become a perfect icon to New Zealand and bring out New Zealand culture to the world.It makes the New Zealander started to be proud of their culture and started to wanna know the heritage in New Zealand.

This warrior in the picture above shows fearlessness of a warrior about to go into a battle,a battle he intends to win.
The haka has become a significant part the All Blacks team spirit, it promotes strength and unity not only as a part of the team but as a country- proud to be a New Zealander. It a mixture of welcomings and warning, it shows the world, the other team that they are a force to be reackoned with . Alongside the haka, the black Jersey is also promoting pride in being a New Zealander, and the distinsive Silver fern, leaves no doubt from where they come from.
All Blacks as a role model
by bring out positive effort to our society
"The NZRU takes its role in supporting New Zealand communities very seriously. In getting behind Cure Kids; the NZRU, All Blacks and other national teams are sending a message of support to thousands of New Zealand's sick children and their families who hope for a cure to their illness."
Since the All Blacks have become the role models to us,they started to appear in the charity work in the New Zealand community such as Cure Kids in front of the media.
To help cure kids with a donation to Red nose day,The All Blacks in this picture are promoting a worthy kids cause.They are showing that they are approachable, kind and concern for the children who need a cure for illness. ‘If they can do it , then you can do it too’.
They also like to be apart of the community especially,but not exclusively, the communities of their home towns. By Appearing at chartiable functions they encourage other people to get involved, to make contributions to those people and orginisnations that need help the most.

All Blacks

In the 2000s All Black rugby player Rodney So'oialo was part of a public campaign called 'Kids are unbeatable', which aimed to reduce violence against children. So'oialo and his wife Marilyn were outspoken advocates for parenting which did not involve physical discipline.
Sharon Mok
In conclusion,the All Blacks have portrayed as role models in New Zealand society which represented by our media.By using their role models icon,they also made a lots of good impact to our society.
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