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Why I Should Go To A #CHIvsDET game.

50 Reasons. I want to go that badly.

Anastacia Thomas

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Why I Should Go To A #CHIvsDET game.

50 Reasons Why We Should Go To A Blackhawks/Red Wings Playoff Game
This will be the last time they will be division rivals
It's my dream to go to a Red Wings/Blackhawks game. Next year, there will be fewer games so it will be more expensive. Now would be the best time.
Your investments in me pay off. I worked pretty hard for that 4.0
You can tell all of your friends how cool you are.
Because it's the cup.
I love Mr. Papa
I can tell all of my friends.
I may become a streetwalker if this Prezi doesn't work.
Father's Day is coming up and you want a cool present.
Research shows that on the day after a team's win, people feel better about themselves. If we're there & they win, you're going to feel like Brad Pitt after he adopted an African child.
One goal
Patrick Kane looks good with a mullet. Although you'd look better.
Everyone posts on Facebook about going with their boyfriend and I'm forever alone.
I'll let you drink and then I'll drive and learn some things about Chicago driving.
You're about to go on a long car drive with Ama... you need some relaxation in your life.
Quality bonding time
Maybe we can see that loud annoying guy again!
Carcillo needs a haircut, remember?Inside jokes.
I haven't been wearing my lip ring lately.
Emery is playing... and I love Emery
Coach Q's

I was never a teen mom.
Psi Chi
Phi Eta Sigma
(on the eboard too)
You're a man. Ice girls are attractive.
Bolland is back
I'll give you these coupons for free coffee.
It's a hockey game....
I watched almost every game of the last Red Wing series, I'm a hockey fan.
Hossa has been a beast.
Toews is bound to score sometime.
Sharp has been incredible
Cue the dagger.
You could listen to your music the whole way.
You know you want to go.
I never got Lima, the pony.
I'll hug Jimmy.
I won't get drunk like Steve McVoy.
I'll sell stuff. I don't know what.
I will though.
If you pick out stuff, I'll run a garage sale for you.
I want to wear my Hossa jersey again.
I'll buy you pizza while we're there.
This girl from Michigan is coming here to go to a game... IT'S THAT GOOD.
You love me.
I don't have mono.
You were right that one time about taking the Interstate. I finally admitted it.
Jesus thinks it's a good idea.
It's an original six playoff matchup
All the cool kids are doing it.
I go to school in Michigan.
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