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SEF MicroGrid Project QR

Please visit our new Wooster Engineering Prezi account for updated information regarding the MicroGrid Project: https://prezi.com/user/3elmrvnfx-pa/

Ryan Stoltenberg

on 20 December 2017

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Transcript of SEF MicroGrid Project QR

Node 4
Node 1
Node 2
Node 3
Prime Directive:
The Department of Energy defines a MicroGrid as "a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources (DER) with clearly defined electrical boundaries that acts as a single, controllable entity with respect to the grid [and can] connect and disconnect from the grid to operate in both grid-connected or island mode."

The primary directive of the MicroGrid project is to reduce the carbon footprint of the Stone Edge Farm property as well as establish a degree of energy independence.

This goal is to be the fundamental design consideration at all times. This goal shall be used for guidance when determining system changes, equipment choices, and implementation of work efforts.

It is the intent of the parties involved to see how far below zero a 16 acre urban farm can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hawaii Effect
T- Turbine
B- Battery
S- Solar Array
H- Hydrogen Electrolyzer
C- Chiller
F- Fuel Cell
- Automatic Transfer Switch
Diagram Key:
Phase 1:
Island the MicroGrid and sort out load shedding and primary control issues (2015)
Phase 2:
Rule 21 approval for parallel operation (2017)
Phase 3:
Partner with PG&E and Sonoma Clean Power to explore community based microgrid connection exploring grid/microgrid symbiotic relationship (2017)

Partner Links:

















Review of Main Components:

Beta Phase Components:

Enphase Smart Solar Inverters with Monitoring

DC Systems Smart Solar Inverter Controls

Enphase Energy Microinverter for Storage Batteries

DC Systems Grid/ MicroGrid Scada Software
Sony Battery System
Measure Energy Anywhere
The Power Patch: sensing technology in a
package you can fit on any breaker
Duck Curve
Nanogrids are small microgrids, typically serving a single building or a single load.
Navigant Research has developed its own definition of a nanogrid as being 100 kW for grid-tied systems and 5 kW for remote systems not interconnected with a utility grid.
Mac & Leslie McQuown

After earning a mechanical engineering degree at Northwestern University, a Harvard M.B.A., and serving as an officer in the navy, Mac embarked on a career in banking and finance in New York. He joined Wells Fargo in San Francisco in 1964, where he and colleagues created the first stock index fund. He subsequently founded and built several entrepreneurial businesses.

Mac began collecting wine in 1965. With his friend Dick Graff, the legendary winemaker, he co-founded the Chalone Wine Group in 1970, serving on its board for twenty-five years. In 1980 he co-founded Carmenet Winery and began an enduring friendship with Jeff Baker, now Stone Edge Farm’s winemaker.

Mac credits his wife, Leslie, with providing Stone Edge Farm’s overarching aesthetic vision. Her eye for design informs the property’s architecture and landscaping, with its outdoor rooms, inviting courtyards, and art pieces.

We demonstrate what is possible

1- Alternative Energy:
Solar photo voltaic and solar thermal roof top systems.
320 Solar panels and Enphase micro-inverters.
Plug Power's ReliOn Fuel Cell Hive (10) 2.5kw Hydrogen Fuel Cells with GTM storage 204kwh.
2- Tri-Generation - Combine Heat, Power & Cooling:
CapStone Natural Gas fired 65 Kw micro-turbine with heat recovery.
3- Utility interconnected Scada command and control system.
MicroGrid Management and grid interactive ability by DC-SYSTEMS.
ASCO-Emerson Critical Power Management Systems.
Grid Sights Energy Information System.
4- Battery storage:
Aquion Energy: (14) Aqueous Hybrid Ion M100-LS82P 30kw 480v with Ideal 3p Inverter
Energy Storage Systems: All-Iron Flow Cell Battery 10kw/55kwh 480v 3p.
Sony Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell. (9) 5kw/55 kwh 240 VOLT 1P.
Tesla: Lithium-Ion (5) 50kw Battery Packs: 250kw/475kwh 240 v 1p.
Tesla S85 & Electric ClubCar V2G Test platform.
Simpliphi Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) (7) 48 Volt DC cells
5- Hydrogen Energy Platform:
Millennium Reign Energy, LLC Model 330 Triple Twin Alkaline Electrolyzer 12kg/ day.
Millennium Reign Energy, LLC AutoARK Building with 24kg 6000 psi storage and filling station.
1 KGTM 3250 psi Gas Transport Module 204 kg storage in 20’ shipping container.

Corollary #1
Seek out and find any and all technologies to accomplish this goal.
Guiding principals:
1. Failure is the crucible of success.
2. Do not fear failure, embrace it.
3. We may have to do some things twice, maybe even a third time.
Corollary #2
You will not use cost as your first criteria in your decision making process.
"Money is like manure; it's not worth a thing unless it's spread around encouraging young things to grow."
-Thornton Wilder
Think of it this way: Money is like manure, left in a pile it begins to stink. If you spread manure around, it makes things grow.
Adding a hydrogen generator to the fueling station for a complete packaged system can produce, purify, compress, store and dispense enough Hydrogen in 24 hours for one car or two fork lifts.

Millennium Reign's
Hydrogen station on
a movable platform.

A small step to market entry for home refueling, hub connectors and forklifts
6 kilogram storage module
6 pack of 1 kg tanks DOT certified

Makes your hydrogen sweeter at 99.999 % purity and includes 5 micron particulate filters

Our standard stack found in the SHFA, 55 cell and 330 triple twin. Produces 40 scf/per hr. at 44.5 Kilowatt hours per Kilogram at 99.5 purity out of the stack.

Stainless steel Honeycomb Purifier
Reduces any water and Oxygen in H2 down to less than 5 parts per million

Latest 55 cell stack

More Products Marketed by Millennium Reign Energy, LLC

Producing Hydrogen from 4 KG , 8KG, and 12 KG per day from water and electricity, these models can be linked together to accommodate any demand for
onsite hydrogen production
and can utilize renewable electricity.

AutoARK ® 330 Triple Twin
Hydrogen Generator Installed at Blue Planet Research on the Big Island Hawaii

AutoARK ® 400 bar 330 Triple Twin
Hydrogen Generator with 6,000 PSI booster , purifier, & 6 KG storage for Aruba

The Millennium Reign Energy Solution to
Scalable Hydrogen Production

4 AutoARK® 330 triple twins Providing 50 KG per day

8 AutoARK® 330 triple twins Providing 100 KG per day

Each 10 stack system will consume approximately 336 KW and produce approximately 168 kilograms per day. Three of these units combined would consume just over 1 Mega watt of power and produce approximately 504 Kilograms of H2 per 24 hour day

Mega Watt scale systems for large wind and solar farms (19 ft by 7 ft)

Near term future products
Powered by 120 or 220 volts
Fully automated
Computer controlled access with 24 hour leak monitoring
Proprietary flow control system
Internal compressor: 5,700 psi ready
On board booster: 15,000 psi capacity *additional plumbing and vessels required for high psi levels.
J2600 Certified Nozzle, compatible with all fuel cell vehicles
Scalable: 6 kilograms max storage space
Remote diagnostics capable

The SHFA appliance is encased in a stainless steel cabinet housing which protects all hoses, and the J2600 dispensing nozzle. The unit has multiple key locked entry points for servicing and dispensing. Safety diagnostics are ran continuously.

Millennium Reign Energy’s Scalable Hydrogen Fueling Appliance to dispense hydrogen into a vehicle or forklift

25’ by 12’ store

30 kw solar hydrogen station with 12 kilogram per day production capacity and 48 kilogram storage at 6,000 psi compression and storage

A look inside the storage and dispenser

AutoARK housing 14’ by 9’

24 kilogram storage & dispenser housing

Installed at The Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research

12 kg H2 production, purification, compression with 24 KG storage/dispenser at 6,000 psi (400 bar) inside MRE’s customer built, sensor equipped housings
"As demand grows we can provide scalable steps to keep up with demand."

All-Iron Flow Battery System
ASCO Emerson Automatic Transfer Switches
A smart grid is a modernized electrical grid that uses analog or digital information and communications technology to gather and act on information - such as information about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers - to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity.
Data Collection
and Controls
Communication and Real-Time Monitoring
CHPC Waste Heat Recovery System
Since 1990, DC Systems has been a leading developer of Smart Grid software solutions for utility companies, power generators, and large energy users. We put intelligence where it is needed—in the field or substation—while centralizing configuration, administration, and monitoring at the enterprise level. Our optimized architecture allows for greater flexibility, control, and responsiveness.
California Public Utility Commission (CPUC)
Public Utility Code 769: Distributed Energy Generation Plan
3 Major Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) required to submit plans for future Distributed Energy Generation by July 1, 2015
Diagram Key
Critical Power line

MicroGrid Trunk line

Existing Electrical

Schools Previously Involved
Wooster Engineering and Stone Edge Farm Estate Vineyard & Winery would like to invite internship applications for undergraduate as well as graduate students. It is the owner's wish that this project be an open educational platform and a public outreach project.
Distributed Energy Resource Providers (DERP)
And Trading Utilities
California ISO, the transmission authority that can move power long distances and also operates a marketplace for commercial generators to sell their power to the utilities throughout the state, has a new rule that private small generation owners can now “aggregate” and sell their power. We are building software and infrastructure to let us experiment with many modes of power trading, including ancillary services and using storage to deliver a quantity of reliable, dispatchable renewable power instantly on demand.

Project Timeline
Hydrogen Electrolyzer & Fueling Station installed on the Stone Edge Farm property as of October 2015
Tesla's Powerpack battery for businesses, installed as of January 2016

If you are interested in a tour of the Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid project, would like to submit an internship application, or have any general questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email.

For general questions and information:

For tour inquiries or internship applications:
If you would like more information regarding Stone Edge Farm, please visit our website at www.stoneedgefarm.com.

Energy Flow Chart

Enphase S280
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