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Copy of Daily Practice Accelerates Time to Mastery

How to Integrate Best Presentation Practices Into Your Daily Routine

Paloma Benito

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Daily Practice Accelerates Time to Mastery

during your
evening commute...
during your
evening commute...
Daydream about
upcoming talks or
Read the news.
Stay informed.
Share your views.
Daily Practice
accelerates Time to Mastery

How to integrate Best Presentation Practices
into your daily routine

What questions
do I need to ask?
What points
do I need to make?
Consider meetings
coming up...
Practice a
balanced stance
while waiting
or riding.
During commute,
practice talks
or sing
to exercise
your voice.
answering emails...
Include a
human touch!
Be curious
Share personal stories
during meetings...
Practice using silence
instead of verbal fillers
Speak with passion
and expressiveness!
Use metaphors to explain complex topics simply and
Walking to lunch
your energy level.
Speak with passion
and enthusiasm.
Share yourself.
Practice using
expanded gesture
during standing
during meetings...
Tell stories
to illustrate points
and add impact
and stickiness.
Paraphrase others
with Empathy
Use hooks to grab attention.
(questions, stories, provocative statements, props, etc.)
Speak with
a point of view
Encourage good posture
Push you to practice a balanced stance
Eliminate neck and shoulder tension
Sustain your energy
When unsure of what to say ...
Use silence
to gather
your thoughts
Use stories
& metaphors
to describe
your day.
Quiet time
is best
to create presentations
if you have kids...
...read to them!
"Act out" the characters by changing your voice
Have fun
and be playful!
Or read out loud
to others
Or read out loud
to others
or to yourself!
Read good books
Good writing includes:
1) Storytelling
2) Metaphors
3) Hooks
All the tools that make
good presentations.
Daily practice of these techniques
will turn them into
muscle memory
They will happen
without conscious thought.
That's the fast track to
For more on how to get more money, time, and recognition because of how you represent yourself...
Go to: http://speakfearlessly.net/
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