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Isabella Diaz (Ancient Egypt)

No description

Jaci Howard

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Isabella Diaz (Ancient Egypt)

Ancient Egypt
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
When thinking about Ancient Egypt, you may think of Cleopatra,Mummies, or the Pyramids of Giza. But what I think of is amazing sights, and amazing discoveries.

Why are we Slaves?
Many slaves became slaves because of debt, or they sold themselves to escape poverty. We also know that some innocent people from other countries during war were captured and imprisoned as slaves.
Life of a Farmer
In Ancient Egypt farmers used many tools such as winnowing scoops, hoes, rakes, flint-bladed sickles, ploughs, and shadufs.
Jobs and Lives
Back in Ancient Egypt jobs where unbelievable. There were jobs such as servants that worked for Pharaohs and Nobles.
Growing Season
After the flooding season there was rich
fertile soil which was plowed and soon after the crops were grown.
Flood Season
Slaves had jobs where they had to work for the Pharaohs and the nobles ,
and they had to take care of their needs. They did farm labor, they gardened,
they sang, danced, and even kept track of supplies. They also traveled and traded.
Farmers were very important because they would grow
things like wheat, beans, onions, cucumbers, and turnips.
Most importantly they grew papyrus which they used to
make paper. On this " paper" they could write messages in
hieroglyphics, make art, they could even make boats, sandals and many other things. Growing crops was important because they gave much of the crops to the Pharaohs. They even traded crops in other parts of Egypt.
In flood season people wouldn't farm because there fields were flooded. Instead they would work for Pharaohs building temples or pyramids.
Shadufs were very important because they were used to get water
from the Nile and other water sources. It was made with bark from palm trees, a bucket also known as a skin bag, and clay or stone.
Daily Life
The daily life of Egyptians is a lot like our lives today. The rich and the poor both had different lives, though. For example, the wealthy ate on gold, silver, and bronze while the poor ate on plates of clay. There was also a difference in their clothing. All clothes in Ancient Egypt were made of linen because that is what they had. The difference was Pharaohs had softer linen used for there clothes. Also women is Ancient Egypt also wore a simple sheath dress called a kalasiris.

An artisan was a highly skilled artist who crafted items by hand.
Artisans were treated poorly even though they were higher up on the social pyramid. Artisans crafted many beautiful materials because they were craft men and women. Artisans crafted mostly in stone. When artisans were assigned for royal projects, they would build things like shrines, temples, statues, and monuments.
This was a golden age of peace, prosperity, and advances in the arts, and architecture.
The duties of scribes were to do all of the writing. They were important because they have the writing which told us a lot of information we needed on Ancient Egypt. They had to write in hieroglyphics every day. " The scribes would have been experts at writing in hieroglyphics and they became the developers and the protectors of the history of Egypt." Scribes were even hired to monitor and keep records for other social levels. Scribes also keep track of the food supply, calculated taxes, wrote up contracts, recorded history and important events, recorded court cases, described every day life, and keep calculations for the Pharaoh and government officials.

Soldiers has a very important job in Ancient Egypt stopping invaders and other armies from coming into Egypt . They had to fight them off. They fought off desert raiders, invaders from Egypt, the Hyksos, and the kushite raiders from Nubia and Sudan. There training was hard and they had forced discipline
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