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Copy of Milwaukee Experience 2014-2015

Milwaukee Women's Basketball

Molly Hanson

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Milwaukee Experience 2014-2015

The Milwaukee Experience
The MILWAUKEE Experience
Treatment in the Athletic Training Room!
The MILWAUKEE Experience
The Horizon League
The Milwaukee Experience
Bayshore Town Center:
100+ Stores & Restaurants
Experience Downtown Milwaukee!
Hang out and go to a concert at Summerfest-
The World's Largest Music Festival
Visit the famous, award-winning
Milwaukee Art Museum!
Go cheer on the Bucks...
Tour Milwaukee's waterfront on one of the many boat cruises!
Or cheer on the Brewers at Miller Park!
Stroll down the scenic Riverwalk!
Head to the historic Milwaukee Public Market!
Grab a bite at one of the many riverside restaurants!
Explore Milwaukee's Third Ward!
Eat at Cafe Hollander!
Fun in the Sun!!
Bradford Beach
Atwater Park
Morning workouts at the beach!
Coach Rechs!
The team!
Get up extra shots or play pickup in the Pavilion...
View of Sandburg Hall from Lake Michigan!
Strength and Conditioning!
The MILWAUKEE Experience
You WON'T want to miss THIS...
A new Practice Facility including:
*Full Practice Court
*Team Locker Room
*Video Room
*Team Lounge
*Basketball Weight Room
*Coaches' Offices
Get ready for practice or just hang out
in our locker room!
Fun "Off The Court"
Fun at the Union!!!
The Gasthaus
Student Union
Golda Meir Library
Ice Bath!
Sandburg Hall
Tiffany Martin
Athletics Academic Advisor
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